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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find a few frequently asked questions about membership, ordering books and other questions. If you can't find your question below, you can always sent an email to of come by in our Common Room (SA55)! 

Is it possible to pay online for an event?  

This is only possible with a Dutch bank account. Unfortunately not everyone has a Dutch bank account, but then you can always buy your ticket in our Common Room (SA55)! Here you can only pay by card, but there we accept non Dutch bank accounts. We are currently working very hard to solve this problem. 

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

As a study association we help you through your studies and focus on your future career, but we also organize fun events so you can get to know your fellow students better! Reflecting both these elements, a membership at Labyrint offers a lot of benefits. You can buy your books at a discount, and Labyrint offers summaries and tutoring. Besides, you can join all of the activities for the reduced membership price: parties, study trips, lectures, courses, and many more. Also important to know is that nothing is mandatory, you can become as (in)active as you would like. 

Why can’t I log into the website? 

Our log-in system isn’t currently being used. Therefore it isn’t necessary to log into our website. For ordering your books you do need to make an account on the website of Studystore, our book provider.
You can still buy your tickets for events and order your books with membership discount. We are currently working hard to improve the log-in button on our website, but at the moment you don’t need it. 

Can I become a member using the website?

Yes this is possible! If you have a Dutch bank account you can fill out the form on the website under the registration button. If you don’t have a Dutch bank account you can fill out this form. 

Can I come to your events when I am not 18 years old yet? 

For most of our events this is possible! Unfortunately the Labyrint parties are an exception. These are only open for people who are 18 years and older. This is mostly because of the location of the party, they won’t let people under 18 in and this is a rule we have to use as well. 

My books should already have been at my house, but they are not delivered yet. What’s wrong?

The best thing you could do is mailing your problem to , so the Commissioner Career & Education can look up the expedited delivery date. You can also directly contact the book distributor by calling the number +31882030369 between 08:30 and 17:00. You can ask them also the reason why your order is late. We would recommend you to call right away when they open at 8:30, as the queue can get quite high during the day.

I’m an international student and don’t have a permanent place to stay yet. Can I send my books to Labyrint/The Faculty?

Unfortunately this is not allowed by the faculty. Our book distributor is working on sending your books to a collection point, for example a store in Leiden, where you can pick it up, but it’s not working yet. 

Where can I find which books I need for my study?

You can find it on this page for the closest semester. The books are selected by us in the store of our book distributor in consultation with the teachers, so you have the good books if you buy them at Labyrint. The books for the new semester will follow as soon as possible!

I am not a member yet, but I want to order my books via the bookshop of Labyrint. Is that possible?

Yes it is! When paying for your order, you can become a member right away if you have not yet become one. Choose the option 'Become a Member' and go to this page to register and authorize Labyrint to withdraw the annual €17,50 euros of membership fee from your bank account. You will then immediately become eligible for discounts on your books. It also enables you to join all the activities!

How do I pay for my membership? 

The contribution will be collected automatically in November shortly after the student loan has been paid. If this collection is unsuccessful, two other automatic collection moments will take place. This year, these will probably be in February and May. You will be notified of the direct debit at least fourteen days before the first direct debit by means of a prior announcement.

Can I sell my second hand books via Labyrint? 

Yes you can! Click here to look if you can earn money with your old books. For this you need the ISB numbers, which you can find on the books.

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