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Many psychology students from Leiden join Labyrint for a number of reasons. First of all, it’s possible for you to buy your studybooks at a discount.

Apart from study books we also sell summaries, a helpful tool for studying for exams. 

On many different activities (like parties and lectures) Labyrint offers her members discounts for various activities such as parties and lectures.

As a member you receive our monthly digital newsletter, which keeps you up to date with all the activities that are being organized. Members also receive deSofa, the magazine produced by Labyrint, 3 times a year. The topics in this magazine range from interviews with professors, interesting articles on different areas of psychology, reports on Labyrint activities and much more. If you do not want to receive deSofa or the digital newsletter, please let us know at:

In addition, as a member you can collect a yearbook which is filled with information about the past year, information about Leiden, your fellow students, the committees of Labyrint and past activities.
As a Labyrint member you can become an active member by joining a committe.

An international student membership costs € 9 per semester and you can profit from all the activities and discounts that Labyrint offers. We also have alumni members, people who want to be connected to Labyrint after they've finished their studies. They pay €10.00 per year. For more information please see the header titled 'Alumni membership' in the menu.
If you are an international student staying for more than a year you can also become a regular member. This membership costs €17,50 per year and will be extended automatically each year. For this membership you need a Dutch bank account.

If you are interested in becoming a member or just want some extra information, you are welcome to come by our common room, SA55 at the faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Of course you can always call or e-mail us (see contact info)!

PLEASE NOTE: If you decide to end your membership, please do so in writing before August 1st. If you end your membership after August 1st you will still pay the contribution for the next year!

If you have more questions after reading this page, take a look at our frequently asked questions page