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Welcome at the webshop from Labyrint for your study books! Just one click away from ordering your books! Delivery at home will be taken care of by Studystore. 

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Labyrint can offer her members a 10% discount on Dutch books* and up to 14% discount on English books. You can place your order here. Select your year, the name of the course, put them in your shopping tray and it's done! Note: the discount is only obtainable during the order period, so order your books in time!

*Discount Dutch books
On Dutch books applies a fixed price by law. For books used to study applies an exeption. Members of a study association who order during a order period, can get a 10% discount. This is because this study association orders collectively for her members. Ordering after this period is possible, but unfortunately without the 10% discount. In that case, you can get a 5% discount, as long as you order at least two Dutch books. For international books applies no law, so we offer the maximum discount!



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