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Good news! Labyrint is working together with INDEX Books!

Do you want to order books for semester 1? Go to the webshop! 

Information on discount on books
Labyrint can offer books for its members at a lowest price guarantee compared to other providers. So your books will always be as cheap as possible. Find out after ordering that your ordered books were cheaper elsewhere at the time of purchase? Contact INDEX Books.

To order your books with the discount you have to be a member of Labyrint. Are you not already a member, fill in a online registration form here! Keep in mind that you have to log in when you want to enter the webshop! Click here if you want to go to the webshop. 

Webshop information

Labyrint can offer her members a 10% discount on Dutch books* and up to 14% discount on English books. You can place your order here. Select your year, the name of the course, put them in your shopping tray and it's done! Note: order your books in time, so your order can be delivered quickly!

*Discount Dutch books
On Dutch books applies a fixed price by law. For books used to study applies an exeption. Members of a study association who order during a order period, can get a 10% discount. This is because this study association orders collectively for her members. Ordering after this period is possible, but unfortunately without the 10% discount. In that case, you can get a 5% discount, as long as you order at least two Dutch books. For international books applies no law, so we offer the maximum discount!

Do you have a question about your order?

INDEX Books can be reached through various channels. Click here for contact information or call to 071 512 8790. You'll get in contact with our distribution partner, INDEX Books. You can also contact INDEX Books on Whatsapp.  


Phone number: 071-5273618