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Books and more


Of course you need books when you are going to study Psychology. What does Labyrint do for that?

Labyrint has a book webshop, where you can find which books you need for which course. This applies to both the bachelor and master, we offer everything. In addition, as a Labyrint member you get up to 15% discount on your books! Because the Labyrint membership is so inexpensive (only € 17.50 per year), you will have your membership fee back in discount after you have ordered your books for the first block. So, after the first block you have a “free discount”!

How do I get the book discount?

When you sign up for Labyrint via this form, you will receive an email from us as soon as possible with your login details to be able to login to the website. As soon as you can log in, you can go to the webshop via this link. Here you choose the academic year 2020-2021, the first semester and then your study phase. On the next page, the book discount is automatically deducted!

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Summaries - JoHo

Is it useful to summarize or buy summaries yourself when you study Psychology? Does Labyrint also have summaries?

Many psychology students find the study material too much to summarize all by themselves or want a check in addition to their self-made summaries. This can save a lot of valuable study time! To help students with this, Labyrint has a partnership with JoHo: a foundation that, among other things, provides good summaries, practice exam questions and checklists for all your bachelor's subjects and offers them printed and online. And that for the very low price of € 20 per year, for which you, as a Labyrint member, receive 15 free printed summaries per year!

What is the advantage of doing this in combination with your Labyrint membership?

You become a JoHo member for € 20 per calendar year. Normally as a JoHo donor you get 10 free printed summaries per year, but as a Labyrint member you get 5 extra free summaries! As a Labyrint member you can also get exclusive summaries, which are made based on the material you have to learn. When the material you have to learn for a course consists of different chapters from different books, JoHo makes an exclusive edition especially for Labyrint members.

How do I get the summaries of JoHo?

First of all, you become a Labyrint member for only € 17.50 via this form. After that, fill in this form to become a JoHo member. Please note: it is important that you tick the “€ 5” box under “I would like to apply for a JoHo membership”  and then choose "Subscription I = € 10" in the bar below. You are then entitled to the summaries.

Once you have done this you will receive an email with login details, with which you can view summaries online via the JoHo website: First year’s summaries & Second and Third year’s summaries. Normally, it is also possible to collect your English summaries at the Labyrint Common Room at the faculty and to collect your English and Dutch summaries at the JoHo Support Center Leiden. This is now different because of the corona crisis, about which the most recent information can be read here.

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Tutoring courses -

Do you also offer tutoring if I have trouble with the material?

Labyrint certainly does! For students who could use some extra help, Labyrint has a partnership with a company that offers tutoring courses every year. During these exam trainings, you will be prepared for the exam in a small group by the teacher in a short time (for example a weekend or a day). You’ll do this by going through the material again and making additional assignments. You can do this for all courses, but students mainly use it for statistics courses. As a Labyrint member, you also get a discount on such a course using the discount link!

How do I book a training with a discount?

First of all, you become a Labyrint member for only € 17.50 via this form. You can then book your training by using the discount link (keep an eye out on the website for this link!). Once you have paid, you will receive all information about the training, such as the location, in your mail. 

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