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This year, Labyrint and JoHo are working together again to help you through your exams!

JoHo & Labyrint offer fair summaries for student prices written by experienced authors, on your phone, desktop or on paper

Join JoHo and receive at least 10 printed summaries for free

and have 24/7 online access to the online JoHo summaries and study assistance

You can join JoHo for less than 1.50 a month

Full range of summaries and study assistance per study year:



How does picking up the printed summaries or using study assistance in the Labyrinth common room work?

  1. Go to JoHo Summaries Shop of your study year

  • Check the JoHo Coursepointers
  1. In the JoHo Coursepointers you can see whether the Print summaries for your courses have already been published or are still expected

  2. Go to the Printshop for your study year

  • Via the Summaries shop of your study year you will find the Printshop with all printed summaries per year or per block in a row.
  • Log in and check your Pinpoints

    request extra Pinpoints if you don't have enough

  1. Add the printed summaries to your shopping cart

  2. Choose to pick up at Labyrinth

  3. Check the pick-up times and pick up your order


How does it work if you want to use the online summaries or study assistance?

  1. Go to JoHo Summaries Shop of your study year

  • On you will find all summaries and study assistance that JoHo & Labyrinth have made for you via the Summaries Shops
  • These summaries and study aid have been compiled per subject and study year to optimally support you in passing your courses and to allow you to delve further into your study.
  1. Check the JoHo Coursepointers

  • In the JoHo Summaries Shops you will find JoHo Coursepointers per course
  • Check the Coursepointers for tips on the course and an overview of the range of published and expected summaries and study assistance
  1. Check the Course and Book Tools for your courses

  • In the Course and Book Tools you will find all summaries, bullet summaries, exam tests and training and extra study aid collected per course or per book
  • Become a JoHo subscriber or log in to study and take notes immediately