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Dear Labyrint members,

As you may have noticed by now, the association has celebrated its Dies week a few weeks ago. But what does this actually mean? The term 'Dies week' can be derived from the term 'Dies Natalis', which means ‘birthday’ in Latin. As an association, we will therefore be celebrating the anniversary of the association extensively. We will celebrate this anniversary in the week marked by the merger of the associations the Kring der Psychologen and Nexus and officially taking on the name 'Study Association Labyrint'. This happened on April 24th 1994. At this time the Kring der Psychologen already existed for over 40 years! This year, we celebrated the Dies Week a week earlier due to the bank holiday King's Day. However, the Dies week will again be a week filled with activities such as the Dies gala and the Dies lecture. If you want to know more about the activities during the Dies week, check it out here!


It is not only Labyrint that celebrates their Dies Natalis every year, other study and student associations, as well as the University celebrate it as well. Last 8 February, for instance, the University celebrated its 449th Dies Natalis marked by the theme of curiosity. During this day, several orations were held and there live music was also played. If you want to know more about this, check it out here!


I hope to have taught you a bit more about this topic and hope to see you at one of the activities!


Love, Floor