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Zomertips van deSofa Commissie!


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Hey everyone! Are you also excited for the summer? We know we are! Summer is around the corner and everyone is making plans again. Whether you are going on a very far away trip with your family, or a classic “zuip vakantie” with your friends, or just staying home and chilling as much as you can. With all of this, it is important to stay safe and to take care of yourself in these coming hot summer months. So... what are some tips for this? Well, we find these are the best tips for keeping cool and relaxed during the summer time.

1. Read a magazine: summer can be a great time for people to detox, especially also from screens! So, what better way to get away from behind your laptop is by grabbing a beautiful deSofa magazine and sitting outside relaxing.

2. Drink enough water: you probably hear this all the time, but you really need to drink enough water in the summertime especially. With the gorgeous Labyrint bottles which keep your water nice and cool, you will stay refreshed throughout the entire summer months!

3. Use SPF: we probably sound like your parents right now, but using sunscreen is the most important thing when you are going to the beach, or even just laying in the sun. Whether or not you get sunburnt easily, UV light is dangerous for everyone, and you can still get a tan with sunscreen on!

4. Visit a beach: lucky for us “Leidenaren”, we have Katwijk and Noordwijk pretty close by! You can easily go there with your friends or family to take a dip in the sea or just have a chill time on the beach. If you don’t like the sand or the beach in general, you can of course also visit a lovely lake or Plantsoen to hangout and enjoy the weather.

5. Wear light clothing: make sure to keep wearing light clothing, in terms of the colour and the material. Wearing linen and cotton can keep you cool, and colours like white, yellow and green can keep you cooler than darker colours like purple and black. Also wearing breathable clothing will keep you feeling less restricted and cooler in the warm weather, wherever you may be.

We hope you like some of these tips, and use them in the upcoming summer! Are
you curious for more? Stay tuned for the new deSofa coming soon..

xxx deSofa committee