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Labyrint has a unique clothing line! With these exclusive pieces everyone in Leiden will notice that you are a part of one of the finest study associations of Leiden! Has there ever been a better reason to add anything to your wardrobe?

The clothing line currently consists of the following items:

Labyrint sweater (white):  €25,- 
Labyrint aluminium water bottle:  €10,-
Labyrint Sustainable Cutlery Set: €7,50
Labyrint sweater (burgundy): €22,- 
Labyrint t-shirt (burgundy): €12,50 
Sweatpants(grey): €22,50 
Labyrint tie: €14,50
Labyrint t-shirt (black): €20,50

The clothing line is expanded each year with new pieces of clothing. If you want to order one (or more!) piece(s) of clothing you can order it here and pick it up during one of our activities!