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Alumni membership


Alumni are members of Labyrint who have graduated from the university and want to stay connected to the association.


You are eligible for Alumni membership if you are an old member of the Study association of Psychology Labyrint. Normal members (psychology students at Leiden University) are expected to end their membership after graduating. After ending the membership (with a letter and membershipcard sent to the secretary of the association) you will receive an invitation and a registration form to become an Alumnus member. Have you already ended your membership and still want to become an alumnus of Labyrint? Please send an e-mail to the secretary and we will send you the invitation and registration form as soon as possible.


Alumni have the possibility to partake in all activities that Labyrint offers, such as seminars, excursions, lectures and symposia. Alumni have the right to become a member of a committee of Labyrint and the right to receive the association’s magazine, deSofa. Apart from that, each academic year Labyrint organizes special activities for Alumni; a unique chance to expand your social and business-related network. Moreover, an alumnus membership is the way to stay involved and up to date with student life.


An alumnus membership costs only €10,00 per year. This small cost is greatly outweighed by the numerous benefits that membership gives you!

Registering as an Alumni member can be done by either downloading and sending the form or by filling out the online form.