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Student Stories

Below you can find a couple of stories from our members about their experience as a member of Labyrint! 

Thijs, 26 years 

Why I became a member? Just like a lot of other students for the book discount. But I quickly learned that Labyrint has a lot more to offer. I went on the First Years Weekend, where I met friends that I still see today. Besides this I always went on a lot of trips with Labyrint. The long study trip is the best way to meet new people and visit new cities and countries. I’ve now visited a lot of cities in Europe, but also joined the Lustrumtrip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (see the photo with the local fauna!)

Hannah Power, 22 years 

Hoi, Hoi, I am Hannah and I knew… there was something missing in my University experience. I wanted to be in more contact with diverse psychology students; I strived for a greater understanding of Dutch Gezelligheid and fancied the idea of practical work within my field of study. By becoming active in Labyrint, Leiden’s study association of Psychology. these longings were fed! Now, I can call myself a proud member of its community. One, in which everyone is welcomed in the common room, and one that also takes care of an academic exchange, such as at the beloved Psychology and Future Perspectives Congress! 

Anne van Wingerde, 25 years 

Originally, I became a member of Labyrint for the benefits you receive as a member, such as a discount on your study books. During the First Years Weekend, I met people that became my best friends. I realized Labyrint is a place to join both study-related activities, such as a congress, but also a place to meet new people. From my first year as a student, I joined several committees, in which I learned several skills by organizing activities in collaboration with other members. I have been a part of the board for one year, something I never expected to do at the start of my bachelor's, but something I will never regret!

Roald Uppelschoten, 21 years 

Hey everyone! My name is Roald and I'm a second-year IBP student, as well as a member of this year's congress committee and treasury committee at Labyrint. Admittedly, I originally only joined for the discounted books, but that attitude changed completely at the First Years Weekend. I had a great weekend with lots of fun activities to quickly get to know my fellow students. Halfway through that weekend, I decided to become an active member by joining a committee. Since then, I've met a lot of amazing people through social activities, the common room at the faculty, 'borrels', and of course my wonderful committees!

Irene van Herrewegen, 19 jaar

Hey! My name is Irene and I am now a first-year student. Initially, I joined Labyrint because of the book discount, but soon I found out that Laby had much more to offer. This year I am one of the promotors of the On The Rail committee and I'm really enjoying it! With your committee, you really form a new group of friends. Not only do you have serious meetings, but you also have really fun social dates to get to know each other better! Because I did not enter Augustinus this academic year, this was my main reason to join Labyrint. In short, there aren’t any reasons to not become and stay a member of Labyrint!