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During the year, Labyrint organizes the most diverse activities: from lectures and a congress to parties and social activities. Almost all activities are organized by the various Labyrint committees. Here you will find an overview of the type of activities that take place.

First Years' Weekend

Attention first year students! Are you starting your study of Psychology in Leiden this year? Sign up for the First Years Weekend now! On this weekend you can meet your fellow first year students and make friends for life. Fun activities will be organized to ensure a fantastic start to your student life. We will travel to Alphen by bus on friday September 15th in the late afternoon, and return on sunday September 17th. The whole weekend (including accommodation, food and great activities) will cost you only €39,50. See you there?

Sign up here!

*To sign up, you first have to become a member.

Case Study Day

A case study day is the perfect opportunity to get a hands-on experience with a specific sector and/or company. During a case study day, you will receive various lectures from experts in the field and you will work together on a case. Usually the day ends with a tour of the workplace.

Christmas Dinner

When you think of Christmas, you think of delicious food and being with your friends. During the Christmas dinner, you can enjoy several courses of the best food while you end the year enjoying a drink and the presence of your friends. 


Every year, Study Association of Psychology Labyrint and SPS-NIP work together to organize the Psychologist and Future Perspective Congress (PFP Congress). The congress gives you a glimpse into your future prospects as a psychology student, whatever direction you want to go. The congress consists of 24 different speakers in four different rounds. There is also a lunch and a drink to network.


Various drinks take place during the year. Every second Tuesday of the month there is a monthly borrel at the vergulde Kruik (when the current restrictions allow it), during which you can even score free drinks if you arrive on time!. During these drinks the destinations of trips or themes of a certain activity are often announced. Often there are also reunions of the trips or the FYW (see below), where nice memories are retrieved with an after movie or the best photos.


During the annual gala you have the chance to shuffle romantically with your date or dance with your friends until the feet hurt, the floor is worn out and the beer barrels are empty. Time to take your most beautiful evening dress from the attic, blow the dust off your shoes and bring back your bow tie: the most fun party with a chic edge.


With various excursions, Labyrint takes you to the most interesting institutions. You can think of an Alzheimer's center in Amsterdam, or the dissecting room in the LUMC. During the excursion you will learn all about these places and you can ask all your questions to the experts who will show you around.

General Assemblies

During a G.A. (General Assembly) members of Labyrint get the opportunity to make their voice heard and to think about the future of the association. All committees also provide an update on their progress and there are occasional votes on important matters.


Throughout the year, Labyrint organizes various lectures in various areas. You can think of a lecture about music therapy, forensic psychology, or artificial intelligence (AI). Speakers from different areas will tell you all about their field. This gives you the opportunity to find out much more about psychological subjects outside of your studies.

Network Event

During the networking event, various companies come to the faculty to tell more about their work. This is the ideal opportunity to show your face to the companies and ask all your questions. This way you can exchange your contact information. You never know if this will come in handy for an internship or even a job. 


During the Labyrint parties, you can go crazy to the best tunes and hits. Dance with your friends until the early hours of the morning and experience how great it is to be a student. Our parties will never get boring with a different theme every time.

Post-exam Drinks

After every exam period, Labyrint organizes a post-exam drink. Here you can relax after studying hard and relax with your friends and fellow students while enjoying free drinks and fun games.

Social Activities

Labyrint also has the most diverse social activities. Think of laser gaming, glow golf, a visit to an arcade hall, a pub quiz, or a city game. Our committees come up with the best things so that there is something for everyone!

Pub Crawl

During the pub crawl, Labyrint takes you along the nicest bars in Leiden. Enjoy a diverse range of drinks and specialties and decide what will be your new favorite place to drink in Leiden. 


Every year Labyrint travels to the most beautiful and interesting places! Labyrint offers several different trips every year. You can think of a fun weekend to Bruges or Cologne, but also an 8-day study trip to, for example, Vienna, Krakow, Copenhagen or Budapest.


In addition to lectures on interesting topics within psychology, there are also various workshops. During these workshops, you will not only learn more about a certain subject, but you can also get to work yourself. A real hands-on approach to introduce you to the most interesting themes.