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  • Bullenborrel

    We have a new Member of Merit, Anne Denissen! If a Member of Merit is approved, this person will receive a certificate. This certificate is presented on a specially organized celebration reception, which will be held at the 31st of August at 20:00 in the upper room of de Hut van Ome Henne! Come celebrate this festive moment with us! Please note: this event will be in Dutch.

  • Opening Academic Year

  • General Assembly: Final Report Board 72

    The General Assembly (G.A.) is a meeting where all members can discuss and vote about all sorts of affairs, the associations affects. During this G.A., the board will present their Final Report, and you get the opportunity to ask questions and vote. All G.A.’s have free drinks and cakes. The main language of this event will be Dutch.

  • General Assembly: Board Change + Party

  • FYW Mentor Information Evening

    This evening all the mentors off the First Years Weekend will get more information about the First Years Weekend. This evening is only for the mentors and will be free.

  • General Assembly: Policy Presentation Board 73

    The General Assembly (G.A.) is a meeting where all members can discuss and vote about all sorts of affairs, the associations affects. During this G.A., the new board will present their Policy, and you get the opportunity to ask questions and vote. All G.A.’s have free drinks and cakes. The main language of this event will be Dutch.

  • First Years Weekend

    Calling to all first years!
    On the 13th, 14th, and 15th of September, Labyrint’s First Year’s Weekend will place again. The theme this year will be: When I grow up! Together with a bunch of first year Psychology students we will travel to the south of the Netherlands to where we will be staying during the best weekend of your first year. This weekend will revolve all around getting to know your fellow students and making friends for life. Moreover, we will also introduce you to your new student association: Labyrint! You must have figured out by now that this is a weekend not to miss. A ticket is the mere price of 35€, which includes the bus trip, two nights accommodation, two breakfasts, one dinner, and many, many fun activities.

  • Kick-off drinks

    Location: Centrall Hall FSW 
    Time: 16:30 - 18:30 o'clock 

  • Long Study Trip Reunion + Labyrint Party

    Feestgangers die nog niet klaar zijn om al helemaal aan de studie te gaan.

  • Pub Crawl

    Do you want to get to know some of the best pubs in leiden and your fellow students at the same time? Then sign up for the one and only Labyrint Pub-Crawl! It’ll be a night full of new discoveries, free drinks and snacks, and a secret surprise game. Join us to discover bars that have an international feel to them: The Duke of Oz, Lazarus, North End, and Roebels. Be sure to buy your ticket in time and we’ll see you on the 24th of September!

  • Committee Change

    On September 26th starting 18:30 the Committee Change will take place in Buddhas. The old committees will be dismissed and the new committees will take over. Come to this festive event to officially become a committee member. Please note: only the members of the old and the new committee are welcome to this event.

  • Common Room activity

    On your Broom to the Common Room! The board organises a Common Room activity all in the theme of Halloween! Come by between 12pm and 14pm. 

  • FYW Reunion

    On October 16th the Introduction Committee organises the first years weekend reunion! The perfect opportunity to see your fellow first years students again while having a drink. The location of the reunion will be Rembrandt Café and it will start at 21.00 o'clock. First 30 people to come get a free drink! So get all the other members of your first years weekend group to come as well and join us the 16th! 

  • Constitution Drinks

    On thursday october 17th the board of Labyrint organizes a constitution drinks. Stop by at Quintus to congratulate the board! 

  • General Assembly: Financial Report Board 72

    The General Assembly (G.A.) is a meeting where all members can discuss and vote about all sorts of affairs, the associations affects. During this G.A., the board will present their Final Financial Report, and you get the opportunity to ask questions and vote. All G.A.’s have free drinks and cakes. The main language of this event will be Dutch.

  • Post Exam Drinks

    After the exams it's time to celebrate that we are done studying for a little while! Stop by at the faculty for some drinks. The theme of the post exam drinks will be announced later! 

  • StuO Workshop

    The Study-Orientation Committee organises a workshop about a topic within psychology. The topic of the lecture will be announced later. 

  • PFP lecture

    Save the date: March the 20th 2020!

  • Labyrint Party

    It's time time to party! The thema and location of this party will be announced later. 

  • Winter Sports and Yearbook announcement

    The location of the Winter Sports and the theme of the yearbook will be announced this evening! 

  • First years activity

    Welcome first year students! Did you survive the first weeks of studying in Leiden? Or did the lectures bore you to death, were the books so heavy they crumbled your back, and do you just want to have some fun? Do not look any further! Especially for first years students, Labyrint organizes an event where you can meet a lot of new people and have lots of fun. The first years activity takes place at Thursday evening the 28th of November, and begins in the Faculty of Social Sciences. First we will get to know each other with some snacks and drinks. After that we will go to a bowling alley in Warmond, where you can show off your bowling skills. The team with the most points wins a prize! This night is going to be legendary, we hope you can join us!

    During the interactive challenge games you will be provided with half a pizza, where you have the choice between half a margharita, pepperoni or fungi pizza. And all of that only costs you €4,50!

    Don't forget to bring your ID card and bike! Beside that, we will have some drinks after the activity, so don't forget some money for that if you want to join.

    You can buy your ticket here. You have to be a Labyrint member to join this activity.

  • Alumni Workshop

    The Alumni Committee organises a workshop about a topic within psychology. What the workshop will be about, will be announced later. 

  • Common Room activity: Welcome Labysint

    Welcome Labysint! On december 5th you are welcome in our Common Room to celebrate Sinterklaas. The man himself will come to our Common Room and read from his big book. 

  • Announcement AYW

    In March the All Years Weekend committee organises a weekend trip to a city within Europe. Excited about where this trip is going? Join us at the announcement on the 10th of December! The first 20 people get a free drink. 

  • Active Members day

    To thank our active members for their efforts, we will all go to the BubbleJungle on the 12th of December. Here we will be provided with a bowl of fries, a snack and a drink. We will also go lasergaming and play Golf in the dark there. We gather at 5:00 pm at the Bubbeljungle in Leiderdorp. You can register via the website, which is possible until 9th of December at the latest. If you have registered, but are ultimately unable to come, you must sign out 11th of December 17:00 o’ clock the latest. It is then still possible for people on the reserve list to come in your place.
    This event is open to active members only.

  • StuO lecture

    The ticket sale for this event has been closed. 

  • Announcement: Long Study Trip

    The Long Study Trip organises a trip in May. The location chose a city and this city will be announced this evening! Curious where the trip is going? Come to Café Rembrandt om wednesday December 18th! 

  • Christmas Dinner

    When you think of Christmas, you think of indulgence, you think of a celebration. And a celebration we will have! For this Labyrint invites you the 19 th of December at the Grandcafé De Burcht. To celebrate the fact that we will enter the twenties again, the theme will be “Roaring Twenties”. So steal your grandfather's or grandmother’s old clothes, put on your favorite pearls and your nicest suit and go together with all your loved ones and friends from Labyrint to this beautiful Christmas dinner in the center of Leiden.

  • Post Exam Drinks

    When the second exam week is over, Labyrint organises another post exam drinks! The second exam week is coming closer and closer. After hours of looking at your books in a corner of the University Library and after answering hard questions in the USC, you deserve to blow off some steam. And that is possible at the Labyrint Post Exam Drinks on Friday 31 January from 16:30 until 18:30 pm in room 1A01 at the FSW! You can play many games with all your Labyrint friends and your favorite teachers while enjoying a drink. Which team takes the lead in the last minute during 30 seconds? Who is flexible enough to win Twister, you or your statistic teacher? And who is the best at board games? Good luck with your exams and we will see you and your teachers on January 31st!

  • Board Information Evening

    Halfway through the study year and Board 73 is already looking for Board 74. To give you more insight in everything you can expect from a board year at Labyrint, the board organises a special information evening to provide you with all relevant answers. Are you already sure that you would like to apply or are you interested and would you like additional information? Come to the board information evening, which we will end with some drinks with ex-board members of Labyrint who will share all their experiences with you! 
    This event will be in Dutch, because it’s only possible to become a board member if you are proficient in Dutch

  • Winter Sports Information evening

    On this evening, more information will be given to the members that join us on our Winter Sports trip! It will also be a chance to get to know the other people. 

  • VerO Party

    On February 5th the study associations of the Faculty of social sciences combine their forces to organize the most adventures party of the year in the Next from 23:00 o’clock till 4:00 o’clock. The theme of the party will be Social Sciences Superheroes. Make sure you dress up as your favorite superhero, to make it a night we will remember forever! The doors close at 1:00 o’clock, so be on time.

  • Parent's day

    The Introduction Committee organises a parent's day, where students can invite their parents to see the faculty and follow a lecture and a workgroup so that they can experience what we actually do at our university.

  • Winter Sports

    The Winter Sports Committee organises a winter sports, which is a new event this year! 

  • Social Activity: drinks

    Do you have enough of those exhausting exams and studying? Come and join us for what really matters: Friends, games and snacks. Labyrint will make sure there are enough drinks and snacks available during the activity. Friends you have to bring yourself. In light of the upcoming conflicts in the world we organized this activity with as theme “bootcamp”. Do not worry we do not expect you to do any physical activity, it is a ‘'game bootcamp”, with games like 30 seconds and a pubquiz! This evening will be legendary, be there. The activity will starts at 20:30 at Association Scouting Jan van Galen, Marowijnepad 4, 2315 VB Leiden and ends when you all get your 'drinking badge'.

  • Alumni Symposium

    The 20th of February, the Alumni Symposium of the Alumni Committee of Studievereniging der Psychologie Labyrint will take place! The theme of this evening will be ‘Sustainability’. The symposium will take place at the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences in Leiden. You are welcome at 18.30 in the Central Hall, were we will have you a cup of coffee or tea. The opening lecture from Marcel Beukeboom will start at 19.00. Marcel Beukeboom has been the Climate envoy of the Netherlands since 2016. He is the representative of the Netherlands when spoken about climate internationally or in the Netherlands. He is involved in Dutch climate policy and execution. He will talk about the Dutch climate policy and sustainability and the link with psychology. 
    After the opening lecture, there will be two rounds. Each round you can choose between two or three interesting speakers. In between these rounds, there will be a break with drinks and an opportunity to have a chat with each other. All lectures will be in English.

    Price: €5,- for members and €7,- for non-members.

    The speakers of the second lecture are (19.45h - 20.15h):
    Noor Veenhoven is a co-founder of Project Cece. A webshop that makes buying sustainable clothing easier. They have done research on why people buy fast fashion and will talk about this in her lecture. She will also talk about how you can recognize sustainable clothing in stores.

    Eefke van de Wouw As VN youth representative sustainable development she concerns herself around themes that life amongst youth in relation to climate. One of the biggest themes is the mental impact of this on the youth. How do young people live with the prospect of a (heavily) changing climate and the effects of that on men and biodiversity?

    The speakers of the third lecture are (21:15h 21:45h):
    Iza Awad is Junior Research Assistent at VU Amsterdam. He did his research within and worked on the project ‘The production of a sustainable living Kombucha fabric’. Iza will make a link between sustainable fashion production and the future of our clothes.

    Kyriėl van der Sloot is Sustainable Travel Expert at Riksja Travel and one of the sustainable young 100 of 2019 at DJ100. Kyriėl will tell us about how we can travel responsible and sustainable. Besides that, Riksja Travel is nominated for the Sustainable Travel Award with their sustainable project!

    Jaco Quist is an assistant professor in Sustainable Innovation and Transitions at Delft University. His research is about sustainable innovation and how this mutually affects people, which he is going to talk about in his lecture.

    We hope to see you at our symposium!

  • General Assembly: Half year report

    In a General Assembly (G.A), the members get a say in the future of Labyrint. Besides, committees give updates about their progress and, on occasion, people will have to vote on some important issues.

  • Labyrint Party

    Is it your live long dream to spend the night as your favorite movie star, of as your favorite movie character? This is your opportunity! Labyrint’s party commission presents: a Night at the Movies. 

  • StuO excursion

    On Friday February 28th Labyrint will organise a trip to a different University for the first time. We will be going to VU in Amsterdam! We gather at 1.15pm at Leiden Central Station. Are you interested to learn more about other universities and get an insight into how other universities work? This day will be for you! We will follow a short lecture, get a tour around the university, visit the Alzheimer Centre (which is close by) and have drinks after at the study association for psychology students at the VU. There will be enough room to ask questions and to get to know more about the university. Hopefully we will see you there!

  • Theme announcement: First Years Weekend

    The Introduction Committee will organise the first years weekend in september for all the new first years students. Like every year the weekend will have a theme, the committee will announce this on this evening! 

  • Lecture Long Study Trip Committee

    IMPORTANT: PTSD lecture postponed

  • Interfaculty Party

    Save the date! This party is organised by associations of all the facultys within Leiden University. The theme and location will be announced later! 

  • CANCELLED: All Years Weekend

    IMPORTANT: All Years Weekend canceled!

  • CANCELLED: PFP Congress

    IMPORTANT: PFP Congress canceled!

  • CANCELLED: Reunion: Winter Sports

    IMPORTANT: Winter Sports Reunion canceled!

  • Post exam drinks

    With another exam week behind you, it's time to enjoy some drinks at the faculty!

  • Poolparty

    On the 15th of April the poolparty will take place! 

  • Reunion: AYW

    The All Years Weekend has already been some time ago. The committee organises a reunion to see the group again and bring back memories. 

  • Alumni Netwerk Event

    The Alumni Committee organises a netwerkevent. A great way to connect with other people! 

  • Common Room activity

    The board will organise another Common Room activity! 

  • Dies activity

    It's the birthday of Labyrint! The social activity committee will organise a fun event related to this. 

  • G.A. Halfyear financial report

    In this General Assembly the halfyear financial report will be presented. 

  • Announcement: Candidate Board 74

    Next year there will be a new board, they will be announced on this day! 

  • Sport activity

    The Wintersports Committee organises a sport related activity, now that the winter sports is over! 

  • Long Study Trip

    Labyring goes on a Long Study Trip! 

  • Dissecting Room Excursion

    The board organises a tour through the dissection room of the LUMC. 

  • General Assembly: Election Board 74

    The candidate board is announced. In this general assembly they are elected. 

  • Active Members Dinner + Laby Only Party

    To thank all the active members for their hard work the board organises a dinner. Afterwards is a Laby Only party! 

  • Cancelled: Case Study Day

    The Study Orientation Committee organises a Case Study Day! The topic of this day will be announced later. 

  • AYW social activity

    Sign up is closed! 

  • Cancelled: Formal

    The formal of Labyrint will take place on June 4th! The theme and location will be announced later. 

  • Cancelled: Former board drinks

    This event will be organised for everyone who had done a board year at Labyrint, including the new board: board 74! 

  • Post exam drinks + yearbook distribution

    After the last week of exams, Labyrint organises her last post exam drinks! This one will be held together with the yearbook distribution! 

  • General Assembly: Endreport

    In this General Assembly, board 73 will present their endreport. 

  • General Assembly: board change + party

    On september 3th the board will change and board 74 will officially start! Afterwards there will be a party! 

  • General Assembly: Policy presentation Board 74

    Board 74 will present their policy! 

  • First Years Weekend

    The Introduction commitee organises a First Years Weekend for all the new students! 

  • Reunion: Long Study Trip

    The Long Study Trip organised a nice trip in May, today the reunion will be! 

  • Pubcrawl

    As a fresh start of the year, Labyrint organises a pubcrawl! Enjoy the beautiful pubs of Leiden and get to know more people! 

  • Committee Change + Labyrint Party

    The new committees will start after tonight! To celebrate that, the Party Committee of last year organises the biggest party of the year! 

  • Reunion: First Years Weekend

    The First Years Weekend was almost a month ago, now it is time to get together again to have some drinks and look back on all the memories! 

  • General Assembly: Endreport board 73

    In this General Assembly, board 73 presents their financial endreport. 


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