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Social Activity: Cantus

On the 24th of April, it's time for the annual social activity of the AYWcie. This year a cantus is planned for you! It will be at De Herberg. Sign up together with your favorite laby mates! A ticket costs €5,- for members and €7,- for non-members.

Interfaculty Congress

On April 25th, the Interfaculty Congress will take place. This year, the theme will be *Marginalised Communities*. At the congress, you can visit three rounds of speakers from different fields, who will give a lecture connected to this theme. The congress starts at 18:00 and will end around 21:30, and will take place at the KOG (Kamerlingh Onnes Gebouw, Steenschuur 25, Leiden). It promises to be a very interesting evening, so save the date and put it in your agenda! Stay tuned on social media so you don’t miss the sign-ups!

SSPN Masterevent

Psychology study associations from different cities in the Netherlands have worked together to put on the SSPN Masterevent. It is an event in which lecturers from different masters come to explain the master in question. The perfect place to learn more about the different Psychology masters offered in the Netherlands. The event will take place in Amsterdam. 

Information evening Long Studytrip

Will you join the long study trip to Budapest? Or are you still on the waiting list for now? Keep the 1st of May free in your agenda! On this evening we will tell you everything you can expect of the trip and you will get to know everyone who is going along. The information evening will take place at the FSW, the exact time will be announced soon. Hopefully we will see you there!

Monthly Drinks + Reunion Short Studytrip

Tuesday 2 May it is time for the last Monthly Drinks this academic year.  So come and have a drink with us in the Wooden barrel!

G.A. Half-yearly Financial Report

Join us on May 3rd at 6:30 PM in room 1a20 for our general assembly meeting! During this gathering, you will have the opportunity to view our semi-annual financial report and hear the latest updates about our popular LabyLuckyDuckyRace. In addition, you can participate in a fun bingo activity and enjoy complimentary cake, drinks, and snacks. Roald will also paint his hair black for this G.A.! You don't want to miss this!

Symposium Netwerkcie

We are proud to invite you to the Labyrint symposium 2023: 'Psychology Applied to the Modern World: different perspectives on the field of marketing & economic psychology' on Monday, May 8, 2023. The speakers presenting are Trudelies van der Poel, Lisa Bloks, Steven Sweldens and Jeroen van Keeken. They will talk about topics like brand identity, the psychology of marketing and social media. Furthermore, there is of course plenty of room to chat with other attendees and share experiences. Come enjoy the delicious food and drinks that will be present during the drink and after the last lecture, and buy a ticket now to make sure you don't miss anything!

Interfaculty Party

Let's party like never before! 🎉🍻 Join us at the Interfaculty Party, organized by 6 student associations, at Gebroeders de Nobel. This is the party of the year! Get your tickets for only €7.50 each. This year's theme is Interfestive Garden: The Garden of Eden 🌺🍃

Long Studytrip

All beware because on Feb. 21 you can register for this year's most fun trip! We are going to Budapest! Do you also want to enjoy a week of sun, swimming and all kinds of other fun activities? Then send an email with your name and date of birth on Tuesday, February 21 at 5 p.m. sharp to: Be there!

Finances are Fun

Are you interested in financial processes and do you want to know more about what is happening behind the scenes of Labyrint's many activities? Come to the 'Finances are fun' information meeting on the 22 May from 15:00-18:00! Our Treasurer and Treasurer II will explain everything you want to know about the financial side of the association. The meetings are free for you to join, but please let a board member know if you want to come!

Sports Activity Semester Committee

Tuesday, 23rd of May, it is time for the first activity of the Semester Committee! Are you also excited to move your hips to Latin-American music and dance together? In that case, register now for this lovely event with your favourite Labyrint members! Walk-in will start at 15.00; after that, the workshop will take place until 16.30. To recover from this fun workshop we will have drinks after until 17.30! Tickets can be bought for €3,50 for members and €5,50 for non-members. Don't forget to bring your student card and ID. We hope to see you there!

Laby Only Party Fecie

It's time for a real Laby party again!

Active Members Dinner

Via this link you can register for the Active Members Dinner. Additional information such as time and location will be announced later. The winner of the LabyLuckyDuckyRace will also be announced during the Dinner. After the Active Members Dinner, the Laby-only party will take place, so keep this free in your agenda!

G.A. Presentation Candidate Board 77

[Dutch Event]

Distribution Yearbook

That's right! It is time for the release of the yearbook! We from the yearbook committee worked hard this past year to bring you a yearbook to be proud of. The yearbook is filled with a bunch of beautiful memories, fun facts and even tips to survive Laby-parties. The committees are also a sure sight to behold this year! As an active member, you can even pick up an almanak for free! Aside from that, we will also be revealing the results of the LaBumbleBy! Are you curious with who you matched up with? Be sure to come to Cafe l'Esperance between 19:00 and 21:00 this thursday 1st of June! Come have a drink! Hope to see you there.

Volunteer Day Communittee

Date: 2th of June

FSW Party

On the 5th of June the Faculty of Social Sciences organises a party just for FSW

Lecture Congrescie

Lecture ‘Dare to Decide’
Date: Wednesday, June 7, 18:30-20:00
Location: SA41 @FSW Leiden
Price: members €3, non-members €5

Social Activity: Boat trip

Do you also love spending your summer on a boat?⛵️ Then you can join the Bezoekcie on June 8th! We will be sailing through Leiden for 2 hours with some nice drinks🍻 and a beautiful sunset!🌅  Make sure to have eaten beforehand (or bring a snack of your own).

Cutting Room Excursion


G.A. Statute Change

When signing up for our beautiful association, every student agrees to a number of rules that everyone within Labyrint must adhere to. These are the statutes, and you deal with them more often than you think. In the past year, the Advisory Board looked over these statutes and saw that a number of things could be updated and changed. These changes will be presented during the G.A., so that you too can agree to them before they go to a notary! Come to make your voice heard and finish with a glass of Port, our beautiful association drink!

Course Forensic Psychology

Labyrint organises a forensic psychology course! This course focuses on forensic care. What is forensic care and why is it a different branch in the healthcare landscape? Who are the forensic clients, how do you best shape treatment? What about laws and regulations? Why is and are forensic care imposed? And what does forensic care look like in practice? All this is covered in this course, taught by forensic trainer, researcher and project leader Petra Schaftenaar and Shannen Stenfert, a professional currently working in a TBS clinic. Participants will receive homework assignments in the form of e-learnings and will have the opportunity to ask all their questions. At the end participants will receive a certificate! The course will be held at Rapenburg 100 in Leiden on Monday 5 June from 17:00-19:00, on Monday 12 June from 19:00-22:00, on Tuesday 20 June from 19:00-22:00 and on Tuesday 27 June from 19:30-21:30. The cost for the course is €95.00 for members and €105.00 for non-members inclusive. If you have any questions, please email or drop by the Common Room (SA55). Please note: you can register until Sunday 28 May 23:59 at the latest!

End-of-the-year activity Semester Committee

Save the best for last!

After Exam Drinks with Teachers

Ibiza Style After Exam Drinks: Celebrate the end of exams and the academic year in style!

General Assembly: End report Board 76

On Monday, September 4, at the General Assembly (G.A.), Board 76 will review the past year and the extent to which the policies presented in September 2022 were followed. Hope to welcome many of you on Monday, September 4 at 18:30 at 1A20!

General Assembly: Board change

During the G.A. Board Change, Board 76 will be discharged and Board 77 installed. Fun traditions will take place and of course there will be checked whether the motions for Board 76 have been achieved and what the new motions for Board 77 will be. Come along on this beautiful evening to celebrate the start of the new board! 

Mentor evening FYW
G.A. Policy presentation Board 77
First Years' Weekend

Attention first year students! Are you starting your study of Psychology in Leiden this year? Sign up for the First Years Weekend now! On this weekend you can meet your fellow first year students and make friends for life. Fun activities will be organized to ensure a fantastic start to your student life. We will travel to Alphen by bus on friday September 15th in the late afternoon, and return on sunday September 17th. The whole weekend (including accommodation, food and great activities) will cost you only €39,50. See you there?

Committee Drinks
Reunion Long Studytrip
Committee Change
Theme party Party Committee

The time has come again, the last Laby party of Fecie 76! 
The next Labyrint party will be on Thursday, October 5th!
The theme is flower power, so bring all your flowers🌼🌸🌺 
The party costs €3.50 for members and €5.50 for non-members
Bring your student card & ID.

Reunion FYW
Netflix & Learn

On the 12th of October 19:00 - 21:00, we will be hosting a workshop in room SB11 at FSW in the form of a ‘Netflix & Learn’! In this activity we will be watching a Black Mirror episode about reality and fiction. Afterwards, Dr. ir. Roy de Kleijn will be telling you all about the processes and psychology behind the episode. It’s promising to be an incredibly fun and educational experience for everyone! So get your ticket and we'll see you there!📺🧠

Member Ticket: €4,50
Non-member Ticket: €6,50

Constitution Drinks Board 77
Hortus Activity

Hi! The first weeks of the academic year have passed and we’re all in for a little relaxation. That’s why on Friday October 20th we’ll be having a picknick in our lovely Hortus! Leiden has a lovely Hortus where you can admire beautiful plants and stroll around. The perfect break during these days. 🌺🌷 We’ll meet at 15:00 and you’ll have free time in the hortus. This all only cost €1,50! Will we see you there? 

Monthly Drinks
G.A. Financial final report board 76
Common Room Activity - Studying!
After Exam Drinks: AYW Reveal
AI in Mental Health Lecture

Aritificial Intelligence is now more prevalent of a topic then ever. Deepfakes, DALL-E, ChatGPT. We use AI for many different things, but have you ever considered using it in mental health treatment? Mrs. Erika Reivala has been busy at work in order to innovate the mental health industry via the use of a software tool called 'm[ai]nd'. She and her team are looking to use AI in order to assist in analyzing and structuring cases, but also in more efficiently connecting mental health professionals with their clients. Be sure to get a good insight into this new world of AI meets our brain and get your tickets below.

First Years Activity

Did you also enjoy the first years weekend? Or couldn't you be there? Come join us on
thursday November 16th at the first years activity, organized by the SoAcie! Where you and
your year mates discover the nicest pubs in Leiden, while you get a free/discounted drink at
every pub!
 The activity is from 20:00-23:00, and afterwards you can stay for drinks. Will
you and your group find all of the committee members of the SoAcie? Get your ticket and
we hope to see you there!

Active Members Day
Monthly Drinks: Short Study Trip
Sustainability Activity

Do you have old glassware, cups or other items at home? Then come give them a fun new makeover at the sustainability activity! ♻️ You can bring your own old cups, but we also have glassware or bottles to choose from. From 19:00 to 21:00 we will be painting at the faculty of social sciences in 0B13 🎨. It promises to be a fun evening!  Will you be there too?

Common Room: Sinterklaas
Theme Party: Babies & Boomers

Be prepared to start the year of festively during our first LABYPARTY🎈. Come get your drinks and dances while being accompanied by both babies and boomers👵🏼👶🏼. Pick your favorite outfit from many many years ago or imagine yourself being in your midlife crisis cardigan🧍🏼‍♂️🧣. Join us the 6th of December at HIFI leiden! be sure to be there with the festive lot of your friends. See you there🎉

Purple Friday

We won't let Purple Friday pass us by this coming 8th of December! That's why we're organising a themed quiz from 15:30-17:00.
Make teams with all the friendly hallway associations: Labyrint, SPIL, Emile, and Itiwana! Put your brain to work and babble with your fellow student. Of course accompanied by some snacks and drinks.
Additionally there are some great prizes to be won! But don't fret, even if you don't win there is a giftbag waiting for you!

Monthly Drinks: Long Study Trip

Laby's Exclusive: Destination Reveal at Café De Kroeg on Tuesday, December 12th! 
Dear Laby's enthusiasts,
Clear your schedule for an extraordinary evening on Tuesday, December 12th! Join us at Café De Kroeg in Leiden at 8:00 PM for an epic Destination Reveal. What's in Store?

Destination Unveiling: Be the first to unravel the mystery of our upcoming study trip. East, West, or a surprise beyond? Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!
Games & Goodies: Test your travel knowledge with our quiz, and indulge in delightful snacks and drinks.
Vibe & Connection: Forge new connections, swap travel tales, and soak in the lively atmosphere.
📍 Where: Café De Kroeg, Leiden
📅 When: Tuesday, December 12th
🕗 Time: 8:00 PM

What to bring? Bring your curiosity and a generous dose of excitement!

Let us know if you can make it. We're thrilled to share this exciting moment and reveal the destination of our next journey. See you there!

Christmas Dinner

Come celebrate Christmas with Labyrint!🎄 Enjoy a delicious 3-course menu with a limited number of drinks in the Italian atmospheres of Karalis, for only €22! The dinner is on December 14th, and the exact times are yet to be announced. This year the SoAcie has chosen to have a theme for the Christmas dinner, and that issssss🥁🥁 "green with a touch of gold". So come in your most beautiful green garments with a golden touch to top it off😉. Get your ticket quickly and hopefully you will join us at the table🍴🕺

Inhouse Day

Have you ever wondered what lies behind the doors of an IT company like TOPdesk? Then grab your chance now, because on Tuesday December 19th we will open the doors for an exclusive in-house day! This is the opportunity to meet professionals, gain insight into the company culture and make valuable connections. This company is especially interesting for the Applied Cognitive, Economic & Consumer, and Social & Organisational Psychology tracks.

Common Room Activity: Study Sessions
Network Reception

Dear Labyrint members and alumni,

After Exam Drinks with Teachers & Yearbook Theme Anouncement
Traffic Light Party

Already feeling the valentine buzz? 🦋 We for sure are! This Labyrint party will be entirely devoted to finding your happy valentine this year! Come and join us at Café de Kroeg for the one and only Labyrint traffic light party! 🎈 

All Years Weekend Information Evening
Workshop Human Insight

Curious about how psychology is used in consultancy?

All Years Weekend
G.A. Half-yearly Report

At this General Assembly, Board 77 will present, among other things, its Half-yearly Evaluation Report. This will evaluate the updating of the policy plan during the first semester of this academic year. This General Assembly will take place simply at the university, with the standard cake and a shot of port on the agenda. Get to know the association and make your voice heard!

Board Information Evening

We’re only halfway through the academic year, but Board 77 is already looking for their successors! Would you like to follow in the footsteps of Labyrint’s previous board members and lead the association for an entire year? Then apply for Board 78! Send a motivation letter and your resume (CV) to no later than Monday the 11th of March at 17:00

Friends & Family Day
Monthly Drinks
Blue Laby Run
Interfaculty Party

Next March 6, the next edition of the InFaFe will take place! It promises to be a smashing party at Club Kiki and this year's theme is "Colorful Interaction." So get all your colorful clothes out of the closet and buy your ticket fast!

PFP Congress

Does the thought of all the possibilities after your college years send you in a sheer panic? Or are you just clueless about what options there are? Fret not! On the 8th of March 2024 the Psychologist Future Perspectives Congress will give you all the information you need to make a well-informed choice. 

Short Study Trip Information Evening

Dear Berlin Enthusiasts,

Short Study Trip
Inhouse Day ActiVite

Feeling like a little outing and want to know more about what it's like to work in healthcare?


Jump into the ultimate Spring Break experience at the Pool Party! 

Monthly Drinks

Are you also so curious to know what kind of talent is hidden in this fine association? Then come along to the monthly drinks in March! During this evening, several members of the association will perform a fun act. Would you like to perform as well? Send an e-mail to and who knows, maybe you can perform during this evening as well. We hope to see you there!

Common Room Activity: Study Sessions

Are you already stressed about the upcoming exams? Start your exams off strong by joining our common room activity Study Sessions! enter hyperfocus and eat some free snacks. Are you afraid your brain will be fried after a couple of hours? No worries, as there are planned breaks! Grab a cup of coffee and start your session!

SSVL Symposium

This is a Dutch event

After Exam Drinks & Theme Anouncement First Years Weekend

Location: 1A01, Faculty of Social Sciences
Time: 16:00-19:00

After exams in need of relaxation? Come to the after exam drinks and enjoy a drink,
a snack, and some good company. During the drinks, we'll reveal the theme of the
First-Year Weekend through a quiz inspired by the tv program ‘de slimste mens’.
The drinks will take place on April 12, from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM, at the Faculty of
Social Sciences in room 1A01.

Dies Lecture

To kick off this years’ dies week, we have an awesome lecture by Jeffrey van der Starre about eating disorders. The lecture will take place on Monday, April 15th from 7:00-9:30 PM. Make sure to buy a ticket (members € 3,- and non-members € 5,-) if you’re interested in the topic: 

Clothing Swap

Is your clothing spilling out from your wardrobe? That means it is time for some spring cleaning! Donate your old clothes and bring some hidden gems home with you. Further details about the clothing swap will be posted. The clothing swap will be hosted by Rap100 and will be from 13:00-16:00. It is also a possibility to only donate clothes. The remaining clothes will be brought to a homeless shelter.

Faculty of Social Sciences Party

Has anyone ever told you you look like… If you’ve ever heard this before, then this is the party for you! On the 16th of April, it’s time for our FSW Party again, and we want you to dress up as your best lookalike! Entry is free, but the doors close at midnight so be on time!


Dear Laby members, it is once again time for your fav activity of the year… the CANTUS 🍻! Wednesday the 17th of April, you are welcome to show off your best singing skills at Catena (Kolfmakersteeg 8, Leiden) starting 20.00🎶. Are you down for best songs and lots of beer? Tickets are 10 euros for members and 15 euros for non-members. 

Dies Gala

Returning this year is *Laby's Dies Gala!*🕺This year, the gala will be at the *Fletcher Hotel De Witte Raaf in Noordwijk on April 19th*. Come dressed in your most elegant black-tie attire and shiniest dress, as this year's theme is *"Starry Night”!*✨🌃Tickets are *€45,- for members* and *€55,- for non-members.* This includes vegetarian appetizers throughout the evening, an open bar🥂, transportation with limousines, and transfer back from the location, and much more. Yes, you read it correctly – transportation with limousines! This year the SoAcie wanted to add a small touch, so they've arranged for everyone to be *transported to the gala in style🤌.* We've organized everything for you with love; the only thing you need to do to join this unforgettable night is to *buy a ticket.* We'll see you on the red carpet🫶

Monthly Drinks & All Years Weekend Reunion

Do you also miss our weekend to Cologne? Then come to the monthly drinks on Tuesday the 23rd of April! Together, we will watch the spectacular aftermovie for the ultimate throwback vibes! Ofcourse everyone who came to Cologne will also receive a nice photo to remember the trip by. Can’t wait to see you!

SSPN Masterevent

Still undecided about your master's degree in psychology? Or are you thinking about a different/additional one? Don't hesitate any longer and join the SSPN Master Event, a collaboration by 11 psychology associations from throughout the country! Here you can discover which tracks all the different universities in the Netherlands have to offer. Follow lectures by professors from all over the country and get to know more about the diversity within psychology! This year's edition will be held in Leiden on Wednesday, April 24th from 13.00 to 18.00. All the lectures will be held in the Pieter de la Court building (FSW). The concrete program will follow very soon.  Tickets are free, just make sure to sign up!

G.A. Financial Half-yearly Report

Come to room 1A20 on April 29th at 18:30 o'clock and participate in our General Assembly! At this meeting you will have the opportunity to review our Financial Half-Yearly Report. You can also enjoy free cake, drinks, and snacks. Whether you are a regular member or simply curious about what we have to offer, we invite you to be a part of this important event. This is the perfect opportunity to learn more about our association and the activities we organize. Don't miss this chance to catch up with fellow members and enjoy an evening of fun and treats. We look forward to seeing you on April 29th in room 1A20!

Rom-Com Night

Good morning, rays of sunshine! Did you enjoy your time in Berlin? I bet you did! Now it's time to reunite once more for the unforgettable Labyrint Rom-Com Night, filled with snacks and drinks and all of your friends.

Long Study Trip Information Evening
International Symposium
Finances Are Fun
Long Study Trip
Mental Health Activity
SSVL self-defense course
Network Symposium

We would like to invite you to the Labyrint Network Symposium 2024: 'Aging & Development: Exploring Life's Peaks and Valleys' on Thursday, May 23, 2024. There will be various speakers present who will discuss topics related to development and aging, giving you a special insight into these fields.

Monthly Drinks & Reunion Short Study Trip
Dissecting Room Excursion
Social Activity
G.A. Approval Board 78
Active Members Dinner
Laby Only Party
Former Board Drinks
Monthly Drinks
Common Room Activity: Study Sessions
End of the Year Party
After Exam Drinks with Teachers
G.A. Final Report Board 77
G.A. Board Change
Yearbook Distribution
First Years Weekend
Committee Change
Committee Change Party
G.A. Financial Final Report