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  • General Assembly: financial report board 70

  • First year's weekend reunion

  • Yearbook drinks

  • Post exam drinks

    Have you had enough of all the exams?

  • All years weekend + Yearbook announcement

  • Labyrint party: Back to School

    Do you miss those good old times at high school?
    The times where you and your squad dominated the hallways? Then this is your chance to go back to that good old school time for one night! Because on the 22nd of November study-association Labyrint organizes one of the best parties of the year: Back to School, what’s your squad?! 
    Is the wardrobe of your geek-squad filled with braces and khaki trousers? Do you and your girlfriends have cheerleading outfits that are just a little too revealing? Or does your squad love the panther print and Gucci bags of the Sjonnies and Anitas? Show it off and bring your squad to the NEXT in Leiden on the 22nd of November, after all, who doesn’t love a ‘next’-level party!

  • Alumni lecture

    Do you see different colors in your mind when you think of the days of the week? Do you taste something in your mouth when you hear a word? Do you think of a color when you hear a certain song on the radio? If your answer to one of these questions is ‘yes’, you might be one of the 2-4% of the population who have a form of synesthesia.

    On the 23rd of November the Alumni Committee will organize the first activity of the year. It will be an interesting lecture on synesthesia in room 1A21 at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. Synesthesia is a condition in which people mix their senses, for example reading letters in a specific color, even when they are printed in black and white. The lecture will be given by dr. Tessa van Leeuwen, a neurobiologist, researcher and experience expert from Nijmegen. She is currently researching the subject of synesthesia in combination with autism spectrum disorder. She will be able to tell you much more about this subject.

    You are welcome at 7:00 PM and the lecture will start at 7:30 PM. The lecture will approximately end at 9:00 PM. Afterwards you are welcome to have a drink at the Common Room on the second floor of the faculty.

    Price: €2.50 for members and €4.50 for non-members. You can buy your tickets online or in the common room by card (SA55).

    Click here to buy your ticket online.

  • First year's activity

    Glow up your day! Come enjoy glowgolf with fellow first year students. The social activities committee organises a first year's activity where you can meet fellow first year psychology students while playing glowgolf. On the 28th of November at 18:15 at the BubbelJungle you can get an amazing glow-up! Keep an eye on the Facebook page of Labyrint to get more information on the ticketsale. Be quick, because full = full!

  • SBC committee workshop

    Did you know that one out of three students have a higher chance of getting a burn-out? Do you feel burned-out, emotionally exhausted or is the pressure getting too high sometimes? Would you like to know how to cope better with stress? In this workshop Lenneke van Hastenberg will explain how the PRI-method helps students with symptoms of stress and/or burn-out.

  • Student-teacher activity

    Friday-afternoon drink for students and teachers! During this drink there will be a pubquiz!

  • Common room activity: Sinterklaas

  • Short study trip: announcement

    Just like previous years, Labyrint is going to visit a university in a foreign European country. This will take place from the 7th until the 11th of March 2018. This weekend will focus on psychology, foreign cultures, and most important, fun! The destination is still top secret, but will be revealed on the 6th of December. You’re all welcome to have drinks with us at café de Keyzer, starting at 21:00. Are you interested in a study related trip far away? Then make sure you’re present, the first 30 people get a free drink!

  • Active member day

  • Long study trip: announcement

  • IC Lecture

    Are you ready to embark in the path of knowledge? The International Committee from Labyrint presents its first event this year! Come join us for a lecture on psychopathy! There is more! The cherry on the cake... after the lecture some catering with drinks and food will be offered, come mingle with other students and even meet our lecturer! 
    Time: 18:30-21:00 (Drinks after the lecture)
    Location: 1A27 (Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences)
    Labyrint member: €2,50
    Non-member: €4,50

  • Christmas dinner

    If you want to enjoy and share that Christmas feeling with friends from Labyrint or if you simply feel like going out to dinner, the Labyrint Christmas dinner is perfect for you! With meals that make your mouth water and give you that warm, cozy feeling . We will dine in a great location, overlooking the city of Leiden. Does this sound as something that you might enjoy? Then make sure you join us for just 15,50 euros and share the Christmas spirit.

  • PFP Workshop

    On December 19th the PFP committee has planned a workshop about The art of communication by Scott Blick. Scott is not only a dancer, actor and choreographer but also an expert in the field of verbal and non-verbal communication, expression- and presentation skills. He likes a more practical approach which is why since 2002 Scott has been giving workshops for students as well as for people in business life. Besides this, Scott teaches a course at Leiden University where he helps students with their expression skills, which helps them with their thesis defense.

    Develop your career oriented skills that will help you to get to your goals! The workshop will take place at 19:00 in room 1A37 at the Faculty of Social Sciences for both Dutch and international students. Tickets cost 3,50 for members and 5,50 for non-members. The workshop is already full so the ticketsale is closed!

  • Labyrint party

    Days are becoming colder, shorter and darker. Christmas trees are waiting to be put in warm living rooms and grandma’s freshly baked Christmas pastries will soon be yours! So in short: it’s almost X-MAS TIME! Of course Labyrint won’t let this month pass without celebrating this! On the 20th of december we’re expecting YOU in the NEXT for our frosty Labyrint Party! This party obviously has a dresscode, so make sure to be an absolutely fabulous snowflake, Christmas tree, fairy, angel, snowman or maybe even reindeer?!

    Make sure to set yourself and your friends to 'present’, because Christmas should be celebrated together, right? Buy your ticket here!

  • Sine regno

  • Information evening: course health psychologist in practice

    -The main language of the course is Dutch-

  • Post exam drinks

    Hopefully 'oliebollen' and champagne will stimulate your concentration and intelligence, because this new year also gives you a new examination period. Luckily, a new examination period, on its turn, gives you a new Post Exam Drink! Is drinking with fellow students one of your New Year’s resolutions? Grab this opportunity by the ‘oliebollen’ and come to the first post exam drink of the year!

  • Parents Day

    Do your parents or other relatives ever ask you what you do at the university? And would you like to show them how you study at the faculty? Look no further! On Saturday, February 10th Labyrint is organizing the annual Parents Day.

  • All Years Weekend information evening

    This information evening is obligated for all the participants who are joining All Years Weekend to Bruges. On this evening all practical information about the trip will be given, and the group will meet each other!

  • Common room activity: valentine's day

    During this activity the Labyrint Common Room will be in Valentine's Day theme. Celebrate love with your fellow students on the faculty!

  • All Years Weekend

    All Years Weekend is going to Bruges this year! It is a three-day trip that is offered for Psychology students of all years. The weekend is social oriented and offers the possibility of integrating with other students and the study association. 

  • Board information night

    The board information night will teach you what it is like to be on the board, what every role entails and what to expect in a year as board member. The current board will also share their experiences on their year so far.

  • Pool party

    The 21st of February is the day where we all ignore the dutch rain, extreme wind and all the awful weather and fancy ourselves in paradise during the Paradise Pool party! Grab your bikini made out of coconuts or your Baywatch suit and steal the show!
    Take all of your friends with you, it's going to be a party from Paradise!

  • Alumni workshop

    On the 22nd of February the Alumni Committee will organize the second activity of the year. It will be an interesting workshop on mindfulness in room 1A27 at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. The workshop will be given by Saake Buwalda. He is, together with his sister, the founder of the Bureau for Mindfulness. They have experienced that mindfulness is very useful for people who are in the age category of 18-35 years old. A lot of things are changing in this stage of life, for example in work, study, where you live and in relationships. Mindfulness is a good tool to handle these changes. Mindfulness is the awareness of your own physical experiences, feelings and thoughts. It comes down to learning to live more consciously and to deal with stress, thoughts and emotions differently. This is done through training, sometimes meditation and through certain attention exercises. Saake studied Work and Organizational Psychology and Eastern Philosophy in Amsterdam and is now a trainer.

  • SSPN National Psychology Congress

    Together with all Psychology Study Associations in the Netherlands, Stichting Studieverenigingen Psychologie Nederland (SSPN) has organised the National Psychology Congress on the 23rd of February. This year, diverse themes will be highlighted in the form of TED Talks. The congress will be opened by Work and Organisational Psychology professor Kilian Wawoe. Following the opening, three subjects will be discussed: Forensic Psychology by Vivienne de Vogel, Clinical Psychology by Haza Rahim, and The newest technological developments in psychological research by Peter Slijkhuis.

  • Short study trip: info night

  • Interfaculty Party

    The ticket sale for the Interfaculty party: Tasty Tarzan & Djancing Jane starts on Tuesday the 13th of February in the board rooms of MFLS, CoDe, Labyrint, Grotius, B.I.L. and HSVL. A ticket is 6 euro and can be bought at the door. However, we advise you to buy them earlier, because this party is quite popular and often sold out!  

  • Labyrint Congress

    On Friday the 2nd of March, the Labyrint Congress will take place! The theme of the congress is 'From womb to tomb: a journey through life', a topic about everyone’s daily life. As we get older, we end up in different stages of life. In every phase, there are different topics and circumstances that you will encounter. The lecturers will highlight several psychological topics that are typical for a certain stage of life. The congress will consist of an opening lecture, three rounds and a closing lecture with speakers who talk about their own experiences in the working field. Of course, a good lunch and drinks are included.

    Click here for all the information about the rounds and the lecturers. It’s possible to buy tickets for the whole day or for a half day. Half day tickets are split up into morning and afternoon tickets. Morning tickets include the opening lecture, round 1, round 2 and lunch (9:15-14:15). Afternoon tickets include round 3, the closing lecture and drinks (14:15-17:30). The program of the day will be as follows:

  • Leidsch debate

  • Short study trip

    On the 7th of March 2018 Labyrint is going to Prague! During this short study trip we are going to visit the university, the concentration camp Terezin, explore the city, and drink a lot of beer. This long weekend is going to be all about psychology, foreign culture, and fun!

  • IC cultural activity

    The Magic Code
    Do you really want to be surprised and experience something psychologically baffling. Come to the Magic Workshop of Jasper Oberon presented by Labyrint. A real feel-good workshop full of surprises, excitement and action. An inexplicable magic act combined with a workshop in which you get to know the wonders of magic up close. And will be tempted to define how a magician uses psychology to manipulate his audience. Feel the wonder how it is to be fooled first, and secondly be surprised again by the explanation. Last, do the work yourself and be the magician yourself. Lock the door, because the secret magic suitcase will open.
    In the workshop 'The Magic Code' you can first sit back and let yourself be overwhelmed by a short magical show by Jasper Oberon that will fill you with astonishment. Then you will sit on the edge of your chair, because then it will happen; You will be initiated into the wonderful world of magic. A whole new world will open up for you. What does a trick look like through the eyes of a magician? What is that about? Jasper has made a choice out of some nice tricks that you will easily master and that you will enjoy.
    Effects with cards, feeling energy, but also pulling a rope through your neck or letting matches move. It's all covered. Perhaps the psychological aspects of magic and the use of distraction and biological principles to guide your brain are the most interesting. Jasper Oberon can then tell you fascinating things about this and will try to answer all your questions about the psychological aspects of magic.

  • Labyrint party

    Dear students, are you ready to party? 

    Because the 14th of March Labyrint organizes the “Oh Oh Leiden, the Shameless Side of Town” party in the HiFi. For only 3 euros (5 euros for non-members) you and your friends can shamelessly party all night long. So put on your most fierce panther print, throw some gel or a straightener through your hear, get your fanny pack out of the closet, and put some self-tanner on that winter pale face, because we are going to show how the people of Leiden party!

  • First year's weekend: announcement

  • Information evening: Course Positive Psychology

    Like previous years, Labyrint organizes the Course Positive Psychology! Positive psychology is a fairly new trend in psychology, which focuses on ‘what is’, instead of ‘what is not there’. Focused on 'what is good about you' instead of 'what is wrong with you', without denying or suppressing the negative. Positive psychologists are then also working on finding talent, promoting flow and qualities of people.In addition, there is a strong focus on creating a life of engagement based on your personal values. In this course, formerly given by Matthijs Steeneveld, you will explore all the areas of positive psychology. For more information about the course, join the information night on the 20th of March 6:00-7:00 pm in 1A03 at FSW. 

    The main language of this course will be Dutch.

  • FSW party

    The four study associations of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences organize a party together! Party with the political scientists of the SPIL, the pedagogues of Emile, the cultural anthropologists of Itiwana and of course the psychologists of Labyrint!

  • Corporate dinner

    On the 22nd of March the annual corporate dinner wil take place! It is a great opportunity for bachelor and master students who are interested in S&O, E&C, OHP and/or ACP to connect with corporations to hear about the possibilities after graduating on your master’s degree. During the dinner, there will also be the possibility to find an internship! The companies that will be attending this dinner are: 

    - KLM
    - ING
    - Tabula Rasa
    - PerCo
    - ST & T

    This event will be in Dutch.

  • Case day (cancelled!)

    Labyrint organizes an excursion to a company or institution, so that students can get an insight into the future working field. On this day students can solve a case that they might deal with in the future. Where the excursion is going to will be announced later!

    This case day will be cancelled! The next case day will take place on June 6.

  • All Years Weekend reunion

    At this reunion all the participants of the All Years Weekend are welcome to meet again and look back at the awesome trip to Bruges. Of course, members who didn't join the trip to Bruges are welcome to join as well for a snack or a drink!

  • CareerCollege

    The Career Service at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences organizes monthly activities for students to help you learn new skills. These skills can be helpful for your prospects on the labour market. The Career Service can help you with all your questions about your future career. This month the Career Service organizes a CareerCollege with theme "Working in human resource management". More information about this college will follow soon.

  • Post exam drinks

    The exams are over, no better way to celebrate than with a few drinks! In the theme 'red' we will be enjoying ourselves on this beautiful day. 

  • Interfaculty Congress

    On April 16th the Interfacultary Congress 2018 will take place at Wijnhaven, The Hague. The theme of the congress is Failure Festival: making the most of mistakes! From 18:00 till 22:00 you’ll learn everything about failure and mistakes, seen from the perspectives of different studies. The program consists of a lecture, workshops and a keynote discussion and of course at the end of the evening there will be drinks. There is no entrance fee and the congress is open to all students. The doors of room 2.02 will be open from 18:00-18:30, we hope to see you there! Follow the event on Facebook to stay updated about the speakers and the workshops!

  • All Years Weekend social activity

    The All Years Weekend Committee organizes a social activity on Wednesday the 18th of April! You can join us for an evening of old-school arcade gaming at Gamestate Utrecht, the biggest Arcade Hall in the Benelux! Here you will have access to 60 minutes of unlimited gaming, even have a chance to win a grand price! For only €4.50 (€5.50 for non-members) you’ll be stepping into a time machine back to the 80s and diving into the old classics like Pac-Man or Pong. We will meet up around 18:15 pm at Leiden Central Station and then take the train to Utrecht together. If you would like to join, make sure to buy a ticket here or in the Labyrint common room! 

  • IC sports day

    Dear students!

  • Dies activity

    The dies acitivity is an activity to celebrate the birthday of Labyrint. More information can be found under the subscribe tab. 

  • General Assembly: half-yearly report board 71

  • Birthday of Labyrint: Common room activity

  • Formal

    The Labyrint formal will take place on wednesday the 25th of April at Visbrasserie de Poort! We're diving into the fairytale theme to make this a magical night you won't forget. For 25 euros, you will be enjoying a band that comes to play live just for us! When the band has tickled your dancing vibes, we have a DJ to finish off the evening. If that isn't enough to convince you, you will have free beer/wine/soda the entire night! So on the night itself, you won't have anything to worry about and are free to experience the formal in the best way possible!

  • CareerMarket

    The Career Service organises a CareerMarket on April 26th 12:00-14:00 to boost your career! Present amongst others: During this CareerMarket it is possible to work on your career supported by the FSW Career Service, study associations and other partners. Amongst others: have your CV checked, shoot a professional LinkedIn photo or be informed on possible career opportunities. So drop by the central hall of the FSW during or after your lunch break to boost your career!

  • Announcement board candidates

  • Excursion day

    The Study Broadening and Career Committee organizes an excursion to a company or organization, so that students can get an insight into the future working field. Where the excursion is going to will be announced later on!

  • Labyrint party

    Are you in the dire need for a party? Is this weather making you long for the wide wild ocean? Are tired of your dry spell (of fun)? No need to hold your breath any longer, because on the second of May the last Labyrint party of this year will be held with the theme: ⚓Naughty Navy⚓! And trust and believe, there is a plenty of fish in the sea of psychology…

    Don’t let this party pass you by like a ship in the night and buy your members ticket here and your non-members ticket here!

  • Long study trip info night

  • Short study trip reunion

  • Long study trip

    From 11th until the 17th of May 2018 50 psychology students set off with Labyrint to the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana! There will be many activities throughout our week including a visit to the University of Ljubljana, white-water rafting, a pub crawl, a visit to Ljubljanski grad, Vintgar Gorge, Lake Bled, and many more!

  • Active member dinner + Labyrint only party

  • PFP congress

    Every year Studievereniging der Psychologie Labyrint and SPS-NIP collaborate to organize the Psychologist and Future Perspective Congress (PFP Congress). The theme of this year is: ‘Define your Aspirations, Experience your Future’. During this congress, 26 lecturers from different specializations will give lectures about their experience in the field of psychology. For instance, learn about Music Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Artificial Intelligence or Addiction Psychology. This year, more than 90% of the lectures will be given in English! 

    During the break, there will be a good lunch and an information market with nine companies where you can broaden your opportunities on the job market. Also, there will be a photographer where you can make a professional photo and you can have your resume and LinkedIn profile checked. The day will be ended with drinks where you’ll have the opportunity to network with other people and lecturers! This year, the congress will be on the 25th of May. It is possible to buy full-day tickets including lunch and drinks, or tickets for half a day including lunch or drinks. The lecturers will be announced soon, after which the ticket sale will be opened! Stay tuned to follow all the updates about the PFP Congress!

    • 10:00 – 10:45 Opening lecture 
    • 11:00 – 11:45 Round 1
    • 12:00 – 12:45 Round 2
    • 12:45 – 14:00 Lunch & Informationmarket
    • 14:00 – 14:45 Round 3
    • 15:00 – 15:45 Round 4
    • 15:45 – 17:00 Drinks 

    Members whole day: €7,50 
    Members half a day: €4,50
    Non-members whole day: €10,00 
    Non-members half a day: €7,00

  • General Assembly: board candidates assent

  • Alumni symposium

    Do you like to watch crime series like CSI, Criminal Minds and Making a Murderer? Would you like to know more about forensic psychology? The theme of our alumni symposium is: "Committing a Crime: a symposium about Forensic Psychology". The symposium is accessible for both alumni and students. Three enthusiastic speakers will tell you everything you want to know about this subject. You are welcome at 6:30 pm and the first lecture by Ciska Joldersma will start at 6:45 pm. She will tell about dealing with politicians and involving reinstatement of the society with examples from tbs. The second lecture will be given bij Sascha Peter Ripken, who will tell about the challenge of working with adolescents and young adults in forensic psychiatry. Lastly, Jelle Troelstra will give a lecture about the treatment of sex-offenders. We will end the symposium with the possibility to have some drinks and talk about the evening.

  • Case day (cancelled!)

    Labyrint organizes an excursion to a company or institution, so that students can get an insight into the future working field. On this day students can solve a case that they might deal with in the future. Where the excursion is going to will be announced later on!

  • Post exam drinks

    The fourth and last examination period is almost upon us. After this period, the summer break is finally there! This post exam drink is our last activity of this academic year and it will be super chill! If the weather allows us, this activity will take place outside in the sun! Like every time, there will be free cold drinks and salty snacks! 

    Keep an eye on the Facebook event for updates on the location!

    P.S. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

  • Bullenborrel

    We have a new member of merit, Jara Kunst! If a Member of Merit is approved, this person will receive a certificate. This certificate is presented on a specially organized celebration drink. All members are welcome to congratulate Jara in person and join the Jaraoke! The drink will take place in Cafe 't Centrum van Melzen from 7 pm. Stop by for a drink or snack, because the first ones attending will get these for FREE!

  • Bullenborrel

  • Opening academic year

  • General Assembly: final report board 71

  • General Assembly: board change + party

    As every year starts, it must also come to an end. During this General Assembly, Board 71 will change places with Board 72 and ignites the offical start of Board 72. This festive event can of course not stand on its own, which is why we will be ending the night with a banging party! The party will take place in COC de Kroon and starts at 23:00, be there and have a great night!

  • First year's weekend mentor night

  • General Assembly: policy presentation board 72

  • Yearbook distribution

  • First year's weekend

    This is how you subscribe for the First years weekend!

  • Long study trip reunion

  • Pub crawl

    Hello everyone!

  • Labyrint Party: Filthy Farm

    Have you been enjoying your holiday? Spent the whole summer sitting in your rocking chair counting sheep? Not for long! The new college year has started, which means it's time for a party!

  • General Assembly: financial report board 71

  • First year's weekend reunion



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