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The POPcorner is a place where as a student you can really feel at home and are helped to realize your full potential, so that you can do what you came for: study effectively and perform. The POPcorner will support you in this, e.g.,

  • by helping you with those questions that you don’t know whom to ask; or

  • if you have the feeling you are not being challenged enough, and want more; or

  • conversely, if you think you need more assistance because you are not sure whether you are going about things in the right way

Visitor's address:
Pieter de la Court building 
Third floor 
Room 3.C01 
Telephone: 071-527 8846 

Opening hours 
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 09.30 - 16.00. 
Friday 10.00-15.00. 

No appointment is necessary, you can just drop by. You did not find us in? Then do send us an email.