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If you are planning on studying in Leiden, you will be studying within the bachelor-mastersystem. You start with the bachelor program Psychology that lasts 3 years, possibly followed by a specialised master program. 

With the bama-system many new possibilities have opened up in the form of combination studies, the so-called major-minor alternatives. If you choose such an alternative, you will spend 70% of your bachelor education on one study (the major) and 30% on a second (the minor). The University Leiden offers more than forty such combination studies. They have always been selected on combinations of studies that complement each other, such as a major in psychology and a minor in pediatrics, political science, cultural anthropology and many more. This way you have more options to choose from.
Unique in Leiden is that you start your major-minorcombination in your first year. After three years you receive your bachelor diploma. For a complete academic education, you then go on to follow a master programme. Every bachelor education in Leiden provides a seamless connection to at least one master programme. Often there are multiple possibilities to choose from, sometimes after following a few required additional courses. (see:


In principle, the master education in psychology takes a year. Apart from that there is a research master that takes two years. By now the student will have chosen for a certain area of expertise. Within the master field programmes are offered for these areas. Within a programme courses are offered.

Master education

The master programme consists of mandatory courses and electives. The programme is made up of 40 ects (european credit transfer system) for courses, and 20 ects for the master assignment, known as the thesis. The student can choose to follow a training period of 30 ects to match the requirements needed for certain postdoctoral educations. The master programmes are mainly taught in English. In order to be admitted to the master programme, you must first be selected. All students with a psychology bacholor diploma from the University Leiden meet the requirements of the master education system. For the research master programme, an additional selection applies to ALL students. 
For admission to a specific psychology track, certain bachelor courses are required.

The following tracks are offered within the psychology master programme: 

·         Applied Cognitive Psychology
·         Child and Adolescent Psychology
·         Clinical Neuropsychology
·         Clinical Psychology
·         Economic and Consumer Psychology
·         Health Psychology
·         Methodology and Statistics
·         Occupational Health Psychology
·         Social and Organisational Psychology

For current information please see the pages concerning master programmes in the e-study guide 
Completion of a master education allows access to the research master programme or a post doctorate (postmaster) programme. Graduates can also start working in one of the fields listed earlier. (see: