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SPS-NIP platform Leiden

SPS NIP Board of 2019-2020! 

The NIP (Dutch Institute of Psychologists), the professional association by and for psychologists, is a national association that serves as an advocate for all Dutch psychologists. The Section of Psychology Students is the student section of this organization; SPS-NIP forms the bridge between the psychology student and the professional field and provides the NIP with valuable information about the obstacles psychology students encounter, and the NIP provides SPS with valuable information as well. SPS comprises 11 different Regional Boards, 6 national committees, and one of them is an international committee, 4 sectors and SPS is a member of EFPSA (the European Federation of Psychology Students Associations). Each Dutch city in which you can study Psychology has a Regional Board. The Regional Board in Leiden this year consists of Laura Abukari (president), ViviannePennings (secretary), Stephanie Visseren (treasurer), Azalea vanMeel (internal promotion officer) and Laura Klinkhamer (external promotion officer). SPS-NIP aims to organise a wide variety of activities suiting different fields within psychology, to improve students’ insight into the possibilities after graduation to enable them to make well-founded
decisions about their future. Activities will include lectures, workshops and excursions.

The Regional Board in Leiden willorganise two lectures, a post-master education information session, a therapy day and a congress in cooperation with Study Association Labyrint: the Psychologist and Future Perspective congress!
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