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The final exams are being taken, days in the library are getting shorter, and end projects are being submitted. In short: you're graduating! You're about to conclude an important phase in your life and embark on an exciting new chapter: your first internship or job. But how do you know which career suits you? And once you've found your dream job, how do you ensure you get hired and can continue to grow? You'll find all the answers in's Career Guides! is an online network for students, graduates, and employers that makes it easier to find a job that truly matches your aspirations. You discover relevant job openings based on your profile and liked vacancies, with a little help from our algorithm. You build a network by connecting with companies that interest you. Employers on can send messages to their likes and connections, instead of sending spammy, cold reach-outs.

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One of the first things you start asking yourself when the end of university comes nearer is where you should start your jobs search and what job you should do. It can help to learn about the different industries, so you can discover what will be the right career for you!

When to look for a graduate job or an internship

It’s safe to say that all over the internet there are tips and advice on how to find your ideal graduate job or internship. Yet, there are no blogs out there on when to actually find them. So we here at want to make up for that mishap and offer you the best tips and tricks on when to find a graduate job or internship.

What is a traineeship?

What is the meaning of a traineeship? What is the difference between an internship vs a traineeship? In this article, you will find the definition of a traineeship, why you should do a traineeship, what the pros and cons are for doing a traineeship and more.


During your job interview, you naturally want to make a good impression on the employer. Check out the 10 tips and 4 examples for the perfect elevator pitch, so you can show the employer who you are and why you should be hired. Are you invited for the second job interview? Then it's important to prepare well for that too. You can read more about this in the article about the Job Interview Preparation.


Many vacancies and job sites like mention the terms junior, medior and senior. By indicating the level of seniority for a job, recruiters give students and graduates like yourself insight into the level of experience that they seek. Read about all the differences and how you can go from junior to senior. 


One of the first things your potential employer sees are your application email and communication skills. If you want tips for how to email an employer then read this article. One of the most important things an employer sees first are your communication skills. They can be very important in the workplace. We have arranged the best tips for how you can communicate effectively both during job interviews and within the workplace!

If you want to go further within your career it is important that you develop your ability to write a strong (business) email, not only to your employer but also to others within and outside the company. With these simple tricks you will learn how to write the perfect email and make career development.