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Leiden United & ISN

Leiden United

Leiden United is a program that wishes to stimulate contact between Dutch and foreign students and to promote better relations between different cultures. The program consists of dinner meetings in groups of 10 to 14 students at the five major student associations in Leiden and at the The Hague campus of Leiden University. Leiden United will also organize group activities for all members to participate in together.

Every international student is called an 'IP' (international partner) and every Dutch student is called a 'UP' (university partner). An IP will be connected to a UP from the same study area. IP's and UP's will have dinner together with their group twice a month. There will be six dinners in total. The other weeks the partners can meet up over coffee or plan an activity together. They can also participate in other activities that are organized by Leiden United.

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The International Student Network (ISN) is part of the larger Erasmus Student Network (ESN) which is one of the biggest interdisciplinary student associations in Europe, founded in 1989 to support and develop student exchange. 

The main focus of ISN is on all current international and exchange students in Leiden. ISN facilitates academic, social and practical integration through activities and programmes. These activities include cultural and social events. Meanwhile, the ISN Buddy Programme helps international students with academic and practical integration. Wanna be a mentor for a group of international students? Do fun stuff together and help them out as they settle into Leiden life? Then join the ISN Buddy Program here