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Education committees

Bachelor Education Committee

What is the BOC?
The Bachelor Education Committee (Bachelor Opleidingscommissie in Dutch, BOC) advises the educational board. The BOC is made up of one teacher from each Psychology section as well as 6 students. The BOC is constantly readjusting and perfecting the educational programme. This happens through evaluations on small and large scales. they look into possible overlap of courses, if courses connect well and the way exams are arranged. When reorganizing the education they aim to involve the students as much as possible.

The Bachelor Educationcommittee meets once every month. The meetings are open to the public. As a student you will be approached by the BOC through written educational evaluations and surveys. Of course you can always contact a member of the BOC personally if you have a question or remark about the programme, you can contact them through their Facebookpage or you can mail them.

Kim Minnebo
Instituutsbureau Psychologie

Master Education Committee

What is the MOC?
The Master's Education Committee (Masters Opleidingscommissie in Dutch, MOC) acts as advisor to the Programme Board. In other to ensure a broad basis for advice, the MOC includes 9 students, in addition to one lecturer for each specialisation.

The Institute Master's Education Committee is responsible for the constant process of adjusting and modifying the education programme, for instance, by means of education evaluations, both small-scale and large-scale. The MOC is concerned with possible overlap between courses, whether courses follow up on each other and the exact formulation of regulations for teaching and examinations.

Ilja van den Brandt
Room 2B01

International Student Platform

The IBP-ISP is a subcommittee of the Bachelor's Education Committee (BOC in Dutch). Students of the International Bachelor in Psychology (IBP) who want to have a say in the programme are welcome to the International Student Platform IBP-ISP. The ISP is mainly concerned with educational problems specific for international bachelor's students. But there is enough space to discuss all possible bottlenecks that students are facing during their stay at Leiden University. The International Student Platform for IBP bachelor's students meets at least three times a year Internationals can come mention their problems and ideas here and join discussion on other topics. You are always free to come to the meetings.

Chair ISP
Mr. Haas, M.T. (Mirthe)