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Job & Internship Vacancies

Parttime jobs at JoHo

Various part-time jobs besides your studies at JoHo:
Become a JoHo Studentmanager, Author, Centercoach in the shop, Webdeveloper, Administrative Assistant, Summary Supporter ofr WorldSupporter Moderator.

Leave your contact info at the JoHo desk in the JoHo support center Leiden or in an email to


Tutor Psychology at

Do you want to earn up to €50 per hour? Do you have good grades, do you want to help your fellow students and are you interested in teaching? Then we are looking for you! has a job opening for Tutor Psychology at Leiden University.

Interested? Click on this link to gather more information or to directly start your application.


Become a Volunteer at YMCA!

YMCA background

YMCA Netherlands offers a place to young people where they feel at home and can develop. Laughing together, discovering talents and learning to work together is the core idea of our organization. In this way the YMCA wants to contribute to a society in which there is room and attention for everyone.

Employability of Volunteers

  • At local clubs
  • International work
  • Summer camps for various target groups

Why become a volunteer?

  • Being part of a close social network
  • Development
  • Looks good on your resume
  • Pushing boundaries abroad
  • Flexible work


Data Analysis - Human Insight

We are looking for a psychology intern who is interested in data analysis. Activities that could be considered are: improving and keeping statistic matters concerning our products up to date, analysing results and theory, digging into our large database and continuing interesting research from this (we have had previous publications, including in Harvard Business Review article). We also like to encourage entrepreneurship. Do you have a good idea? Then we are happy to support you!

If you are interested in an internship at Human Insight, please contact us (+31 (0)6 82759380, and let us discuss the possibilities.


For our blog, we are searching for writers on topics related to Microdosing and Psychology. 

A unique opportunity to gain experience writing, earn 25 euros + publish your first article online (multiple submissions allowed).

The articles are published in 4 languages (Spanish, German, English and Dutch) with photo of the author + link to LinkedIn.

  • We approve the topic (to avoid duplicates / check our blog)
  • Format: Popular Scientific Article
  • Target audience: Hardly any knowledge of the subject.
  • 1000 to 2500 words
  • Paragraphs maximum 300 words (preferably less), minimum every 300 words a summary header.
  • References (where used) in footnotes.

Mail to: or whatsApp: +316 82346928 

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What are you doing this summer?

Would you like to spend a week at camp in July or August with children who would otherwise not be able to go on vacation? Become a volunteer at Y Camps and join one of our camps! We offer vacation camps for kids and teenagers between the age of 6 to 18 who need extra supervision. This can be children with a mild developmental disorder( such as ASD and AD(H)D), children with a refugee background, children with diabetes or children from families with less financial means. Does this seem like fun to you? Sign up now and help us give these kids and teenagers a great vacation week! For more information visit, call or app 06 836 50 289 or email