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As mediators, all complaints within and about Labyrint can be addressed to us. These complaints could be from members, but also from external parties such as companies or the university. We also mediate in possible conflict situations. We, Diewertje Munten en Justin Valkenburg are available, if you would for some instance rather talk to one than the other, this is possible. Both of us will treat all information between parties confidentially and will not be brought out into the open. We respect both sides of the story and will find a solution accordingly. We are completely independent from the board of Labyrint, the Leiden University or any other party. 

What do we do?

To step up as an independent mediator during conflict between individuals and/or external parties. Even though we are not certified through the Mediation Federatie Nederland (MfN), we want to stay as close as possible to the code of ethics from certified mediators in the Netherlands. When we are asked to mediate in certain conflicts, we will give an advice on what to do. Subsequently, contact will be maintained with this person/these people to see how the advice is used. We will direct people with complaints that are not Labyrint-related to the right person or instance. 

Independence is of the utmost importance to us. We have no personal agenda in mediation, except for that we want both parties to come out of it well. With a mediation agreement based on voluntary, non-commital, and confidential ideals, we will look for a solution together so that both parties will get as close to the ideal solution as possible. With an aim for the future, both parties' interests will be looked at and possible solutions will be looked for. Nobody 'is'  right, mediation is not a courtial procedure. The actual agreement between both parties however, IS binding. 

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