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General Assembly Chairman

Several times a year, the board organizes a General Assembly (GA). Every member of Labyrint is welcome at this event. The GA (A.V. in Dutch)  is the highest and most powerful body of the association. In the General Assembly decisions are made concerning the (continuation) of the association. 

My name is Myrthe Lindeboom and I am 22 years old. By now I have been active within Labyrinth for five years in various committees and a board year. In 2024 I will be the G.A. Chairman. This means that I chair the General Meetings (G.A. 's), I make sure that everything runs smoothly during these meetings. I go through the agenda item by item and make sure that everyone has their points to make and opinions to share. I also lead the votes and read out motions. 

I find it important to create a pleasant atmosphere during the G.A., so that everyone feels they have something to say and can ask questions. After all, Labyrint is an association for and by Psychology students, and the G.A. is the time for members to make their voices heard. I think it is important for the A.V.'s to be lively and accessible, so that even new members can understand what fun and interesting things are going on behind the scenes!

I hope to see you soon at the G.A.!

If you have any questions for me, you can always contact the board ( They will refer you!