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Confidential Contact Persons


I am Anouk, 23 years old and have been happily active at Labyrint for a long time. I have done many committees at Labyrint during my bachelor and also took place in the board of 2020-2021. After my board year, I started my master's and served on the Treasury Committee and the Advisory Board. Because of my experience at Labyrint, I know how the association works, but also always try to look critically at what could be improved. Within the Advisory Board, I also fulfill the role of confidential person for the board. In these talks, the board can have their say and we guide them where necessary.

This year I am also fulfilling the role of confidential contact person for the entire association. I think it is very important that Labyrint is a nice and safe place for everyone. Should it happen that someone crosses the line, an unpleasant situation arises, or you just need a listening ear, you can always contact one of the confidantial contact persons. If you are in need of a conversation, feel free to send an email to and I will be happy to help you.


My name is Nico, I’m 27 years old and currently in my second year. I’m part of the community commission in Labyrint and will be fulfilling the role of confidentiality contact person for our association.. As a confidential contact person, I want to lend a listening ear, look for solutions together with you and be there for you if you have nowhere else to go. In this way we can contribute to a safe and healthy environment within our beautiful association.

Through my work as a student coach at another school, I have gained experience in assisting with personal and study problems and building a relationship of trust. In my volunteer work at Humanitas I often deal with family problems and relational problems. In addition, I was active in the Bachelor's Program Committee for over a year, which helped me to better understand the structure of the university and to know what is possible.

I like being there for someone, listening and looking at the next step together. If you don't know how to handle something or if you want to discuss something that you can't go anywhere else, you can reach me at my email address