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Network Committee

The Network Committee organizes activities that are interesting for alumni. Alumni are Labyrint members who have finished their studies but still want to be connected to the association. The Network Committee organizes a symposium, a volunteer day and a workshop. Of course, current students are also welcome at these activities. The activities give students an idea of the many possibilities after the study of psychology and are therefore also attractive for master students. In addition, this committee writes a newsletter twice a year especially for the Labyrint alumni, so they can stay informed about relevant activities and developments within the association.

This committee is only open to Dutch speaking students.

The Network Committee of 2021-2022 is constituted as follows:

AnoukSlotboom Chairman
Fariël Riasatali Secretary
Jaimy Mook Treasurer
Maud Langenberg      Promotor
Gabi Moerman Promotor
Jullia Vreugdenhil Social Member
Jullia Bellekom Social Member
Lena Van Der Zee General Member