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Introduction Committee

The Introduction Committee organizes two activities: the parents’ day and the first years weekend. The first years weekend in September is meant for the first-year students to get acquainted with each other and of course with Labyrint. Related to this, the committee organizes a theme announcement and a reunion. On the parents' day, all parents will have the opportunity to see the university and attend work groups and lectures. This committee will be working partly during the summer vacation.

The Introduction committee 2023-2024 is constituted as follows:

Eline Teijema Chairman
Aysa de Jong Secretary
Hilary van Thienen Treasurer
Luc van Stijn Promoter
Leoniek den Hollander Promoter
Bahar Erdogan Social member
Roald Uppelschoten Social member
Shirley Kouwenhoven Acquisitor
Sanna Plomp Commissioner