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DeSofa Committee

deSofa Committee produces Labyrint's association magazine: deSofa. The committee is responsible for writing the articles, the layout of the magazine and sending it to the members. Three times a year an edition of the deSofa is in the mailbox of every Labyrint member, or can be viewed in the Labyrint common room.

The deSofa Committee of 2023-2024 is constituted as follows:

Eva Kuyper Chief Editor
Hugo Bloemert Editor-In-Chief
Jelysa de Klerk Head Lay-out
Kirsten Buitelaar  Editor
Roxy Bugter Editor
Eline Teijema Editor
Silke Boerlage Editor
Jana Bayers Lay-out
Quincy Blaak Lay-out
Frea Yark Lay-out
Fleur Gabdoulin Lay-out
Sterre Wernars Lay-out
Carmen Brouwers Promoter
Floor Soons Commissioner