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Congress Committee

The Congress Committee organises a large psychology congress. During this congress, 26 speakers from different specialties within psychology will share their personal experiences within the work field. The congress is organised especially for psychology student so they can orientate themselves for their master and career after their studies. The congress will include lunch and drinks afterward. Besides the Congress this committee will also organize a lecture. This committee is open for international as well as Dutch students.

We still have spots available for the Congress committee! Are you interested in joining this committee? Send an e-mail to

The Congress committee of 2020-2021 is constituted as follows:

Roald Uppelschoten Chairman
Emma Boom Secretary
Eveliene Matser Treasurer
Kimberly Kiyui Promotor
Kim Prins Promotor
Lars van Wijk Social member
Lotte Vinkenoog Social member
Nozomi Cho General member
Rose Kattenberg Commissioner