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Advisory Board

The advisory body of Study Association Labyrint has the following goals: 
· Serve the board of the association with advice; solicited or unsolicited. 
· Improve the continuity of the association by supporting the board of the association in making and executing multiannual plans. 
The advisory body operates beside the board, not a step above or a step below. The advisory body convenes every 3 weeks and, in those meetings, discusses and advises on problems brought up by the board, the advisory body, and the association. 
If you have questions or suggestions, you can reach us by e-mail ( or address us in the common room of Labyrint (SA55)!

Unfortunately, only Dutch-speaking members can join the Advisory Board, because all the relevant reference works are in Dutch.

The Advisory Board of 2023-2024 is constituted as follows

Naoual van den Heuvel Chairman
Lars van Wijk Vice chairman
Sophie 't Hart Secretary
Kirsten Buitelaar Vice secretary
Syd Peters Social member
Wiebe Uilenreef Social member
Jaimie Bugter Social member
Anouk de Jonge General member
Fleur van der Goes General member
Marin van der Sluijs General member
Nico Olyerhoek General member
Bahar Heinis General member