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Labyrint has a total of 11 committees, all of which can be found on this page. Each committee either organises different types of activities, designs the yearbook or the association magazine deSofa. Activities can be either study-related or social in their nature, relating to for example cultural or sporty themes. All the upcoming activities can be found under Events in the calendar on the website.

Besides the regular committees, Labyrint also has an advisory board. The advisory board serves the board of the association by giving advice to aid the progression of Labyrint. Additionally, Labyrint also has a treasury committee that checks all the financial accountancy and provides the treasurer with financial advice.

Study association Labyrint will have the following committees in the college year 2020-2021

All Years Weekend Committee (AYWcie)

The All Years Weekend Committee organises a social weekend for students of all years to a foreign city, such as Gent or Lille. The weekend is all about bonding between the members of all study years. For that reason, there is a lot of freedom in the choice of activities that will be taking place during the weekend. This committee is open for Dutch-speaking students only.

Congress Committee (Congresscie)

The Congress Committee organises a large psychology congress. During this congress, 26 speakers from different specialties within psychology will share their personal experiences within the work field. The congress is organised especially for psychology student so they can orientate themselves for their master and career after their studies. The congress will include lunch and drinks afterward. Besides the Congress this committee will also organize a lecture. This committee is open for international as well as Dutch students.

deSofa Committee (deSofa)

deSofa Committee makes the Labyrint magazine: deSofa. The committee is responsible for the design, content creation and distribution of the magazine. Three editions of deSofa will be released during the college year and digitally sent to all Labyrint members. This committee is open for international as well as Dutch students.

Introduction Committee (Introcie)

The Introduction Committee organises two activities: the parents-day and the first years weekend. The first years weekend in September is meant to have the first year students bond with one another as well as with Labyrint.  At the parents-day parents get the opportunity to visit the faculty as well as get to experience psychology workgroups and lectures. This committee will be working through the study year as well as the summer. This committee is open to Dutch-speaking students only.

Long Study Trip Committee (Studytripcie)

This committee organises a one-week trip. This trip takes place in May and will consist of both social, cultural and study-related activities. When organising a study trip, you are for example occupied with contacting other universities, organising study-related activities, finding public transport, as well as planning social and cultural activities. This committee is open for international as well as Dutch students.

Network Committee (Networkcie)

The Network Committee organises activities that are interesting for alumni. Alumni are members of Labyrint who have finished their studies and would still like to be connected to the association. The Network Committee organises two activities, a symposium and a network event. Of course, current students, especially Master students, are also invited to these activities as the activities give a nice impression of the many options there are after having studied psychology. The committee also produces a newsletter twice a year especially for the alumni to keep them updated about the association developments. This committee is open for Dutch-speaking students only.

Social Activities Committee (SoAcie)

The Social Activities Committee organises four different activities: a first years activity, a Christmas dinner, a dies activity and a formal. This committee is especially suited for first-years who want to become more active within Labyrint. To sum up it is a really diverse committee. This committee is open for international as well as Dutch students.

Study Committee (Studcie)

This committee organises study-related activities throughout the year. The committee will organise a lecture and a workshop They will also organise two excursion, of which one of them will be to a Dutch university. This committee is open for international as well as Dutch students.

On The Rail Committee (OTRcie)

This new committee organizes for the first time in Labyrint history a a four-day, study-related train trip in the Netherlands. During this trip, the participants will guess the destiation of the day by doing challenges and they will travel through the country within this weekend. The committee will decide on the destinations, the overnight stay, the activities and the challenges. Besides this trip, the OTRcie will organse a pub crawl. This committee is open for Dutch-speaking students only.

Work field Committee (Workfielcie)

The Work field Committee organises different career-related activities. They organise a volunteerday (a new activity this year) on which students will visit a psychology-related company to help them and to gain experience. Besides this, the Workfieldcie organises a lecture and a case-study day. This committee is open to Dutch-speaking students only.

Yearbook Committee (Yearbookcie)

Every year Labyrint makes a special yearbook. In the yearbook there is, for example, fun information about all the committees. The Yearbook Committee is a great committee for creative spirits who enjoy designing. Besides the yearbook the committee also organizes a theme announcement as well as a yearbook presentation. This committee is open for international as well as Dutch students.