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Labyrint has a total of 12 committees, all of which can be found on this page. Each committee either organises different types of activities, designs the yearbook or the association magazine deSofa. Activities can be either study-related or social in their nature, relating to for example cultural or sporty themes. All the upcoming activities can be found under Events in the calendar on the website.

Besides the regular committees, Labyrint also has an advisory board. The advisory board serves the board of the association by giving advice to aid the progression of Labyrint. Additionally, Labyrint also has a treasury committee that checks all the financial accountancy and provides the treasurer with financial advice.

(Registrations for the committees are closed.)

Study association Labyrint will have the following committees in the college year 2022-2023

All Years Weekend Committee (AYWcie)

In February, the AYWcie organizes a three day trip to a foreign city like Bremen or Gent. The weekend is all about fun and bonding between members of all years.This committee has all the freedom in deciding the destination and the activities for this weekend! Besides this weekend away, this committee organizes a social activity in April.

Community Committee (Communittee)

The Community committee will organise activities that increase the social engagement of Labyrint. With this community you will organise a Blue Monday Run to collect money for charity. Furthermore, you will organise a first aid course, a sustainability activity and a volunteer day. 

Congress Committee (Congresscie)

The Congress Committee organizes a large psychology congress. During this congress, about twenty-five speakers from different specializations within psychology will talk about their own experiences in the field. The congress is organized for psychology students so they can orient themselves on their master and career after graduation. There will also be a lunch and drinks.In addition to this activity, the Congrescie will organize a workshop and a Netflix & Learn activity.

deSofa Committee (deSofa)

This committee is the perfect match for people who love writing and want to explore their creative side. DeSofa is the association’s magazine in which member can read about psychology-related subjects, but of course also everything that is going own within the association. 

Party Committee (Fecie)

The Party Committee will organize three theme parties, a Laby Only Party and a pool party this year. The committee will determine the theme, location and content of the parties. 

Introduction Committee (Introcie)

The Introduction Committee organizes two activities: the parents’ day and the first years weekend. The first years weekend in September is meant for the first-year students to get acquainted with each other and of course with Labyrint. Related to this, the committee organizes a theme announcement and a reunion. On the parents' day, all parents will have the opportunity to see the university and attend work groups and lectures. 

Long Studytrip Committee (Studiereiscie)

The Long Studytrip will take place in a European city and will last approximately seven days. There will be both social and study related activities during the trip. This committee has all the freedom in deciding the destination and the activities.

Network Committee (Networkcie)

The Network Committee organizes activities that are interesting for alumni. Alumni are Labyrint members who have finished their studies but still want to be connected to the association. The Network Committee organizes a symposium, an alumni activity and a network gathering. Of course, current students are also welcome at these activities. The activities give students an idea of the many possibilities after the study of psychology and are therefore also attractive for master students. In addition, this committee writes a newsletter twice a year for the Labyrint alumni, so they can stay informed about relevant activities and developments within the association.

Social Activities Communittee (SoAcie)

Throughout the entire year the Social Activities Committee will organize five various social activities, like a Christmas dinner and a dies formal. There is also plenty of room for the committee to come up with ideas themselves! 

Short Studytrip Committee (Bezoekcie)

The Short Studytrip Committee will organize a multi-day trip with a visit to a foreign university for fifty members. In addition to organizing the trip, the committee will also organize an theme announcement, a mandatory information evening for the participants, a reunion and a social activity.

Workfield Committee (Werkveldcie)

The Werkveldcie will organize three activities. These will be a case day, a shadowing day and a Dies lecture during the Dies week.

Yearbook Committee (Yearbookcie)

Every year Labyrint publishes a yearbook. This is a book that contains, for example, pieces about all the committees. Highly recommended for creative minds with an affinity for design! Related to this, the committee organizes a theme announcement and a distribution.