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Interested in applying for a Board year?

Is the board something you want to be a part of?Would you like more information to see what a year on the board looks like and whether it is something that suits you?

Labyrint is looking for board candidates every year. On this page you can find some information on what it entails, whether or not you would be suitable for the job, and what roles you are able to fulfill. Please keep in mind that being fluent in Dutch is mandatory for applying for a Board year.

A year on the board: what does it entail?

During a year on the board, you learn to discover and develop your set of skills and talents. Whether you help coordinate a committee, have yourself a couple presentations, figuring out what policies you are going to establish or having weekly meetings; a year on the board is way of learning many things. During such a year, you learn to develop a certain skillset that is often not acquired during your regular studies. You can think of different situations such as 'what is it like to spend a year with a small group of people, working together towards a common goal?', ' how do I deal with criticism?' or the other end 'how do I handle successes?'. In addition, every member of the board will acquire contacts that which can really be of worth. Besides that, it will also look quite good on your resume!

Is it something that will suit you?

To succesfully complete a year on the board, you will need certain qualities. Of course, you are required to be a team player, mostly because you are going to have to work in groups a whole lot and quite intensively. Communication is another trait that you will be exploiting. Apart from those two, critical thinking, taking the initiative, planning, perseverance, decision making and leadership qualities are all important and useful. Of course you will be developing many of those skills during the year, but to have them in advance can make it a lot easier! 

Luckily, not every role on the board is the same. Some require more creativity, some require a strong planner and others a person who is strong in communication. So don't be discouraged if you don't possess all of the previously named qualities. While being on the board, you develop many of those skills as you go, AND you will always have your other board membersr to help you if you are a little less good at something. In the same way, you can help your board members in the things that you are good at! 


Please keep in mind that being fluent in Dutch is mandatory for applying for a Board year.

Regarding the application process, it is important to know the following in advance:

- The deadline for sending your cover letter and CV to  is March 13 at 17:00. It is important to include your top three board positions you are interested in.

- Based on your motivation letter and CV, you may be invited for an interview in the following weeks. In consultation with you, a date will then be chosen for this application.

- The final Candidate Board 78 will most likely be announced on May 3.