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Do you like to watch crime series like CSI, Criminal Minds and Making a Murderer? Would you like to know more about forensic psychology? The theme of our alumni symposium is: "Committing a Crime: a symposium about Forensic Psychology". The symposium is accessible for both alumni and students. Three enthusiastic speakers will tell you everything you want to know about this subject. You are welcome at 6:30 pm and the first lecture by Ciska Joldersma will start at 6:45 pm. She will tell about dealing with politicians and involving reinstatement of the society with examples from tbs. The second lecture will be given bij Sascha Peter Ripken, who will tell about the challenge of working with adolescents and young adults in forensic psychiatry. Lastly, Jelle Troelstra will give a lecture about the treatment of sex-offenders. We will end the symposium with the possibility to have some drinks and talk about the evening.

The program of the evening is as follows:

18:30 - Entry
18:45 - Cisca Joldersma tells about dealing with politicians and involving reinstatement of the society with examples from tbs.
19:40 - Sascha Peter Ripken tells about the challenge of working with adolescents and young adults in forensic psychiatry.
20:30 - Jelle Troelstra tells about the treatment of Sex-Offenders.
21:15 - Drinks

You can buy your ticket at the right side of this page.

Here you will find more information about the lectures:

Ciska Joldersma
Suddenly you are working as a forensic psychologist and you notice that the people around you and the politics have a different view on the valuable work you are doing. You experience little appreciation, that involves prejudices, blowing up incidents and the interference of politics and inspections on the content of your work. You are trying to clarify what the purpose of your work is, but they won’t understand or listen and manage their own norms and rules. You know how to treat patients, but how should you deal with politicians? In this session you will learn how you can put the prejudices regarding politicians aside and how you can contribute to an effective influence on the benefits of practicing your job as a forensic psychologist. Some will be illustrated with examples from the TBS.

Cisca is currently working as senior policy advisor at the Dutch association of psychiatry. Cisca got promoted in policy sciences and graduated with honor in Psychology & Mental Health, track forensic psychology. Previously she worked at the department of Judicial Institutions (Head Office and former TBS clinic Veldzicht). From 2002 till 2010 she was a member of the parliament and a spokeswoman TBS and was part of the parliamentary committee that examined the TBS system.

Sascha Peter Ripken
Sascha Peter Ripken (MASc Psychology 1997, University of Amsterdam) is a health care psychologist at the Bascule, an academic psychiatric care center for children, adolescents and young adults in Amsterdam. He specializes in forensic psychiatry and predominantly works with youngsters aged 16-25. He is also active in the “Stedelijk MBO-team”, that supports students attending vocational secondary schools within the city of Amsterdam. This team is a partnership between the schools, the municipality of Amsterdam and the Bascule, along with other youth care institutions. Besides providing treatment, he also regularly offers courses and trainings on behavioural disorders, aggression, anger management and engagement in therapy and motivation to change.

This lecture will provide you some insights into the daily challenges of outpatient therapy for adolescents and young adults in forensic psychiatry. The target group is discussed and important aspects and dilemmas for treatment will be looked at in greater detail by exploring some case studies. A constant challenge of working with these youngsters lies in the high degree of ambivalence and resistance they have regarding adjustment of their behaviour. The question that surfaces time and in working with difficult adolescents and young adults, is how we can optimize the treatment engagement and motivate them to alter their own behaviour.

Jelle Troelstra
Jelle Troelstra is a psychiatrist working in the Van der Hoevenkliniek in Utrecht. This is a forensic institution in which TBS-patients are staying, which means that they are at the disposal of the government. Men and women with this TBS order can be held in the institution until they are no longer a risk to the public. This is reviewed every one or two years. Jelle's field of interest is the treatment of sex-offenders.

Anti-libidinal medication in the treatment of sex-offenders:
Sexual offenses can be the result of a paraphilia and/or hypersexuality, in combination with an antisocial lifestyle. The lecture will be about the different pathways leading to an offence. In treating sex-offenders there are a lot of options. One of the options is (hormonal) anti-libidinal medication. How this works and how this can be combined with psychotherapy are topics that will be discussed during the lecture.



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