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Labyrint heeft dit jaar zijn eigen bucketlist! Alle actieve leden van Labyrint mogen hieraan deelnemen en strijden om een prijsje dat later in het jaar bekend wordt gemaakt. De top 5 hoogste scores zullen een prijs ontvangen. De bucketlist is het leven ingeroepen om de binding tussen commissies te vergroten en om de binding tussen de leden te versterken. Dit is ook waarom er veel commissiegerelateerde opdrachten staan op de bucketlist, waar vaak de aanwezigheid van meerdere commissieleden leidt tot meer punten. 

Hieronder is de huidige bucket list te vinden: 

Labyrint Bucket List

  1. Warm yourself up during the common room warming. (1 point)

  2. Write something in the guest book during the constitution drink of Labyrint. (1 point)

  3. Write something in somebody else’s yearbook from 2016-2017. (1 point)

  4. Do the assignment during the first after exam drinks. (1 point)

  5. Make a photo of you and as many other people who share your committee role. (0.5 points p.p. max 4 points)

  6. Come to the Labyrint parties in a theme costume. (1 point per party)

  7. Take your entire committee to the active member day. (0.5 point per person)

  8. Go on a Labyrint trip and pose next to the flag of that country. (1 point)

  9. Take a photo of you and a member of each of the other associations that are down the hall. (1 point)

  10. Go on a social date with your own committee, at least 5 attendees. (1 point per date)

  11. Place a shoe in the common room for Sinterklaas. (1 point)

  12. Place a Labyrint sticker on an original place. The board will judge it based on originality. (max 3 points)

  13. Make everyone a cup of tea or coffee in the common room. (1 point)

  14. Do the assignment during the second after exam drinks. (1 point)

  15. After a Labyrint party, go out for some of that precious food in the Downtown or Top Kebab. (1 point)

  16. Buy a piece of Labyrint merchandise and take a picture with it in a funny way. (2 points)

  17. Let you and your committee shine in your committee clothing. (1 point)

  18. Make a toast with the association drink (port) and solidify this joyful moment. (1 point)

  19. Tell a joke to the board, if we laugh, you get your point. (1 point)

  20. Take another committee on a social date (along with yours), at least 4 participants per committee. (1 point per committee)

  21. Declare your love to someone in a romantic manner during the Valentine’s day common room activity. (1 point)

  22. Make a tribute to Arnold Schwarzenegger, may the gainz be with him. (1 point)

  23. Plan a social date with as many active members as you can, from different nationalities. (0.5 point per nationality, max 4 points)

  24. Take a picture in 071 (Leiden) with at least two active members with the ‘Leidsche Sleutels’ (keys of Leiden). (1 point)

  25. Take a picture of yourself with a hangover in class after a Labyrint party. (1 point)

  26. Share your dessert with someone from another committee during the Christmas dinner from Labyrint. (1 point)

  27. Get your committee a delicious treat for a committee meeting. (2 points)

  28. Bring the most original rubber ducky or inflatable item to the pool party. (1 point)

  29. Go to the Sports day in your most sporty outfit and amaze the crowd. (1 point)

  30. Get Labyrint an original gift for her birthday. The board will judge based on originality. (max 3 points)

  31. Bring a treat to the common room and share it with everyone present. (1 point)

  32. Take a picture of you and your date on the day of the Labyrint formal. (1 point)

  33. Eternalize your study session for Psychology in the Leiden University Library (LUL). (1 point)

  34. Take your committee clothing to Joor It and have it printed at a discount. (2 points)

  35. Do the assignment during the third after exam drinks. (1 point)

  36. Drink a shot of port with everyone present during the General Assembly of the half-yearly report. (1 point)

  37. Get ripped off by the FSW canteen, your unhealthy student’s life has begun. (1 point)

  38. Decorate the white board in the common room with a pretty drawing. (2 points)

  39. Take part in the Fleur van Elk-hunt: scare Fleur. (1 point)

  40. Order a bucket at the KFC. One more you can check off the list. (1 point)

  41. Take a picture of a Buddha in the Buddhas in the General Assembly. (1 point)

  42. Talk Leids with Sjon Karton the faculty employee. (1 point)

  43. Ask advice from Bastiaan in the advice section from deSofa. (1 point)

  44. Look for and find the golden egg in the common room with Easter. (1 point)

  45. Reminisce during a reunion. (1 point)

  46. Make Herman the faculty employee a cup of coffee (two sugars and creamer). (1 point)

  47. Let the Treasury Committee count your money. (1 point)

  48. Challenge Tirtza to a Taylor Swift sing-off! (1 point)

  49. Ask for relationship advice from the Advisory board. (1 point)

  50. Buy a summary from Labyrint. (1 point)

  51. Congratulate Sofia on St. Patrick’s day. (1 point)

  52. Hand in a discount flyer at the Eazie. (1 point)

  53. Do the assignment during the fourth after exam drinks. (1 point)

  54. Make Jolien big again. Trumpify Jolien. (1 point)

  55. Enjoy the lunch during the PFP-congress. (1 point)

  56. Entertain the board with a well thought of short story. (1 point)

  57. Drink a special beer with Masja. (1 pint)

  58. Challenge Reinout to a game of arm wrestling.. and win. (1 point)

  59. Take your entire committee to the active member dinner. (0.5 points p.p.)

  60. Depict the birth of Labyrint. (1 point)

  61. Go to the FSW party in the appropriate theme costume. (1 point)

  62. Write a Haiku to honor Labyrint. (1 point)

  63. Score a cool item for in the common room. (2 points)

  64. Drink ginger ale with Sofia and Fleur. (1 point)

  65. Drink a shot of port with everyone present during the General Assembly of the final report. (1 point)

  66. Use your tongue in a gross way at a Labyrint party. (1 point)

  67. Comprise the essence of Psychology. (1 point)

  68. Belittle Niels. (1 point)

  69. Find someone of Board 69 and give them a salty surprise. (1 point)

  70. Your love and devotion will always be with Board 71. Present your love for us to Board 70 during Sine Regno. (max 70 points)

  71. Make a tribute to honor Board 71 in the most original manner. (max 71 points)

Stuur een e-mail naar onderstaand adres met een foto/video van je opdracht als bewijs dat je opdracht hebt afgerond.                     




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