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IOC Lezing

Datum: 11 december

Hypersexuality, also known as sex addiction…, it can progress with time. It might start with harmless activities like masturbating too much or watching excessive porn but can lead to something dangerous. Get to  understand the wide societal implications of sex addiction and the psychological, social and societal misinterpretations there are in western society about this phenomenon.

Experienced sexologist and expert, Erik van Beek, will be giving a lecture all about hypersexuality. The lecture will be December 11th, at 19:30 PM in room SA31 at the faculty of social and behavioural sciences. The lecture will be in English. Ticket prices are €2,50 for Labyrint members and €4,50 for non-members.

The International Orientation Committee hopes to see many of you there! 



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