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Datum: 13 maart

The Magic Code
Do you really want to be surprised and experience something psychologically baffling. Come to the Magic Workshop of Jasper Oberon presented by Labyrint. A real feel-good workshop full of surprises, excitement and action. An inexplicable magic act combined with a workshop in which you get to know the wonders of magic up close. And will be tempted to define how a magician uses psychology to manipulate his audience. Feel the wonder how it is to be fooled first, and secondly be surprised again by the explanation. Last, do the work yourself and be the magician yourself. Lock the door, because the secret magic suitcase will open.
In the workshop 'The Magic Code' you can first sit back and let yourself be overwhelmed by a short magical show by Jasper Oberon that will fill you with astonishment. Then you will sit on the edge of your chair, because then it will happen; You will be initiated into the wonderful world of magic. A whole new world will open up for you. What does a trick look like through the eyes of a magician? What is that about? Jasper has made a choice out of some nice tricks that you will easily master and that you will enjoy.
Effects with cards, feeling energy, but also pulling a rope through your neck or letting matches move. It's all covered. Perhaps the psychological aspects of magic and the use of distraction and biological principles to guide your brain are the most interesting. Jasper Oberon can then tell you fascinating things about this and will try to answer all your questions about the psychological aspects of magic.

A nice conclusion of the afternoon may be that you experience how it is to misguide an audience yourself. Be the magician and presents a trick for the group. Feel how words, handling and the secret are transformed into… Magic. All this of course with great pleasure and humor accompanied by Jasper Oberon.

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