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PTP Workshop

Datum: 19 december

On December 19th the PFP committee has planned a workshop about The art of communication by Scott Blick. Scott is not only a dancer, actor and choreographer but also an expert in the field of verbal and non-verbal communication, expression- and presentation skills. He likes a more practical approach which is why since 2002 Scott has been giving workshops for students as well as for people in business life. Besides this, Scott teaches a course at Leiden University where he helps students with their expression skills, which helps them with their thesis defense.

Develop your career oriented skills that will help you to get to your goals! The workshop will take place at 19:00 in room 1A37 at the Faculty of Social Sciences for both Dutch and international students. Tickets cost 3,50 for members and 5,50 for non-members. The workshop is already full so the ticketsale is closed!



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