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Ronde 2

Round 2, Lecture of choice 13:15-14:00

Ad Vingerhoets: Crying  (English)

Only humans produce emotional tears. Why? And what purposes do the shedding of emotional tears serve? In the present lecture Ad Vingerhoets will summarize what 25 years of studying tears has taught us. He will address the evolutionary background of emotional tears, developmental issues, some clinical issues and the focus will further be on what the effects of crying are for the crier him/herself (Does it bring relief?) and for observers (How does it impact their perceptions and behavior?). The answers to these questions have increased our insights into the importance of crying for human functioning and also increases our understanding of human nature.

Laura Steenbergen: Chasing the human potential: The neuromodulation of performance and happiness (English)

We are the directors of our own lives. This has led to an increase in interest in activities and procedures that help to express our needs and develop strategies in order to deal with the demands of our environment. We are continuously attempting to improve our intellectual abilities, through study, training, and hard work, and coffee. However, since a couple of decades, people are attempting to shortcut the mental effort required, by using supplements, drugs, or electrical brain stimulation.  Should we want this? Do we really need to become more than what we are? Will that make us happy? In this lecture, Laura will focus on the role of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that happens to be involved in both performance and happiness. Is dopamine the key to reaching the human potential? It is most likely not the only key, but it certainly opens some doors!

Kika Stijger: Workshop Sportpsychologie

Naast het trainen van technisch, tactische en fysieke vaardigheden spelen mentale factoren in de beoefening van sport een belangrijke rol. Van jong tot oud. Van beginner tot ervaren sporter, iedereen voelt weleens spanning, raakt gefrustreerd en verliest weleens de concentratie. Stuk voor stuk mentale aspecten die we allemaal ervaren en die een goede prestatie kunnen belemmeren.

Kika Stijger, afgestudeerd sociaal en organisatiepsycholoog aan de Universiteit van Leiden en geregistreerd SPORTPSYCHOLOOG VSPN®, zal ons inzicht geven hoe mentale factoren als motivatie, spanning, concentratie en zelfvertrouwen invloed hebben op het leveren van (werk/studie)prestaties en hoe deze te beïnvloeden en te trainen zijn. Tijdens de workshop wordt, vanuit een invalshoek van sport, onder meer ingegaan hoe je maximaal kunt ontwikkelen en het beste uit jezelf kunt halen.


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