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Opening lecture 9:45-11:00

Mike van de Velde: Experience expert on drug addiction (English) 

During puberty, Mike started experimented with drugs.  He saw many social workers and deceived them all. He eventually started using heavier drugs and became very lonely, cut off from the world around him but mostly from himself.When he was 23, he got into contact with a social worker with personal experience, who showed him that there was a way out, that life could be beautiful. He learned to deal with his feelings, to react differently to and in certain situations, that he has qualities, and most importantly, he learned to be happy with himself.

Since 2008, he has been working as an experience expert. Through time, experience, and education he has created his own vision about what good health care is.With ‘Wij zijn BROER!’ and in cooperation with his co-workers he would like to share this vision with the youths in the Netherlands. Everyone deserves the chance for happiness and development, even if that doesn’t fit the boxes of society.