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Course Positive Psychology

Like previous years, Labyrint organizes the Course Positive Psychology! Positive psychology is a fairly new trend in psychology, which focuses on ‘ what is’, instead of ‘what is not’. Focused on 'what is good about you' instead of 'what is wrong with you', without denying or suppressing the negative. Furthermore, positive psychologists are working on finding talent, promoting flow and qualities of people. There is a strong focus on creating a life of engagement based on your personal values. In this course, formerly given by Matthijs Steeneveld, you will explore all the areas of positive psychology. This year, the course will be given by Roeli de Klein and Jip Lauwers. During the course, you will learn scientific theories from the positive psychology, experiment with solution-oriented techniques and practice exercises on how positive psychology works in practice. You will end the course with a certificate! 

For more information about the course, join the information night on the 20th of March 6:00-7:00 pm in 1A03 at FSW or contact
The main language of this course will be Dutch.



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