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Becoming an active member

For most members, Labyrint is a place where you can buy your books at a 15% discount. However, Labyrint actually offers much, much more than that! For example, there is "deSofa", the magazine that Labyrint issues 4 times per year, a yearbook ("almanak"), and a variety of lectures, excursions, trips, parties and many other activities.

Of course all these activities require some organization. This is why, throughout the year, committees consisting of enthusiastic Labyrint members are busy organizing these activities. At the beginning of the academic year, the old committee members are discharged and new ones are installed. This means that, every year, Labyrint is looking for new active members!

For example, you could become active in the Studiereiscommissie (Study trip committee), where you organize a trip to a foreign country where the educational side of psychology is combined with the social side of a group trip! If you prefer to organize parties, then you need to look no further than the Feestcommissie (Party committee). If excursions are more your cup of tea then you should definitely join one of the three trip committees.

A very interesting committee is the International committee (IC). This is a committee that organizes activities especially for international students. This committee communicates in English. If you don't speak Dutch, but want to participate, this may be the ideal committee for you!

There is something for everyone! If you want to know more about becoming an active Labyrint member, please e-mail the board at or come visit us at the Labyrint common room (SA55).

If you'd like to see all the committees that Labyrint has to offer, please check the 'committees' section of this website.

We hope to see you at Labyrint!