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Labyrint Board 2017-2018

Board 71

2017-2018 the 71st Board of Labyrint:



My name is Fleur and I am currently in the second year of the Research Master Cognitive Neuroscience. This year, I am the chairwoman of Labyrint. As chairwoman, I make sure everything goes well within the board and I keep an eye on everything. Besides, I am the leader of the board meetings and I am responsible for the planning of all the activities of Labyrint throughout the year. I have been a very enthusiastic member of Labyrint for years now and I hope to make you as enthusiastic as I am! Next to studying and being busy with Labyrint, I love to be in company of others and to sing or read a book. I am really looking forward to get to know you better, so I hope to see you in our common room or at one of the many great activities!

Chairwoman: Fleur van Elk



Hi everyone,

My name is Jolien! I am 22 years old and currently in my fourth year. I will extend the bachelor of Psychology to follow some extra courses. My position in the board will be the position of Secretary. As Secretary I am responsible for the membership administration, correspondence and I make the notes of the board meetings and General Assembly meetings. The last two years, I really enjoyed all the Labyrint activities and trips. I love to travel, so I am very excited about the next Labyrint trips! 

Secretary: Jolien Schurg



Dear members, 

My name is Masja and I am 21 years old. This year is my fourth active year at Labyrint. I've done many committees and I am looking forward to this year as Treasurer in the board of Labyrint. This is a whole new function for me, so it is gonna be a nice challenge. Furthermore, I've started with the master Child and Adolescent Psychology in which I hope I'll earn some ECT's. I love to listen to and help other people, so if you want to talk or need some advice, please come to our common room (SA55)! 

Treasurer: Masja Fokkenrood



Hi everyone!

My name is Sofia and I'm 21 years old. I just finished my Bacherlor and during those years, I joined four committees of Labyrint. Currently, I'm taking a gap year to join the board of Labyrint as Commissioner Career. This means that I will take care of all the career-related activities, like congresses and case days. Thereby I will be responsible for the acquisition of the association. Besides all of that, I am a real people's person. I love to have a small or great talk with everyone! So if you fancy a chat, stop by at the common room sometime!

Commissioner Career & Acquisition: Sofia de Graaf



Hello everyone, 

My name is Reinout, am currently in my first year of the Applied Cognitive Psychology Masters and will be the Commissioner of External Relations this year. My job will be the promotion of the entire association and to make sure that everything around it runs smoothly. Besides the promotion, I will be in charge of the website of the association. I need to update the website and make sure that it's pretty. When I am not doing board stuff, I love to draw, I love to work out and I can also enjoy gaming. If you are looking for a friendly chat or just want to come over for a cup of coffee, you can find me in the common room, SA55. 

Commissioner External Relations: Reinout Spaans


Hi everyone,
My name is Niels and I am 21 years old. This academic year I will be the Commissioner of Internal Relations of the board of Labyrint. This means that I am concerned with everything happening inside the association. I will focus on the members of Labyrint and the bond between them. Besides the year on the board, I am also a student. Last year I started the master Economic & Consumer Psychology and I hope I will finish my master thesis soon. In my free time I play hockey and listen to music to get the study and the student life out of my system.

Commissioner Internal Relations & Acquisition: Niels Flick


My name is Tirtza Lopuhaä, I am 21 years old and last year I completed my Bachelor. I have been in several committees the past few years and this year I will be the Commissioner Education of the Labyrint board. I will be responsible for everything that has to do with the books, summaries and tutoring. If you have any questions, you can always contact me! I am looking forward to getting to know you better, so I hope to see you in our common room or at one of our activities!

Commissioner Education: Tirtza Lopuhaä




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