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General Assembly Chairman

Several times a year, the Board organizes a General Assembly (G.A.). Every member of our association is welcome on this event. The General Assembly (A.V. in Dutch)  is the highest and most powerful body of the association. In the general assembly decisions are made concerning the (continuation) of the association. By having a say at the
general assembly and casting your vote, you can influence the course of the association. The General Assembly consists, potentially, of all Labyrint members with a voting
right, which rules out all old-members, non-active alumni and employees of the university. All members are very welcome to attend and help think about moving the association in the desired direction. One week before the G.A., every member of Labyrint receives a digital invitation for the Assembly. This invitation is called a ‘convocation’, which is derived from the Latin 'convocare'; which means 'to convene';. The agenda is published in the convocation and notes with attachments to topics on the agenda can be found for examination in the Labyrint common room (SA55). The G.A.-chairman, or, in case of his/her absence, the GA-vice chairman, opens the General Assembly with a strike of the hammer. Decisions made in the assembly are also sealed with a strike of the hammer. If you have a good idea, you can submit your item on the agenda up to 24 hours before the start of the assembly to the G.A.-chairman or the association's president. Your idea, statement or criticism can then be addressed in the assembly and voted
on if necessary.
Now something about me, the chairman of the General Assembly. My name is Helen Verhoef, I’m 21 years old. I’m a fourth year psychology student and busy finishing my Bachelors degree. Last year I was the Commissioner of Education and Acquisition in the 70th Board of the association. I wanted to assume a role in the association this year as well, so I became the chairman of the General Assembly. I'm looking forward to seeing you at the next General Assembly and if you have any questions, I'll always
be available to answer them.



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