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If you order a piece of clothing, you will receive an e-mail as soon as we have your product. You can pick up the product in our common room (SA55) at the Faculty of Social Sciences 

Labyrint sweater: €20,00

Labyrint t-shirt: €12,50

A black t-shirt with various texts: €14,00

T-shirt (black): Does the name Pavlov ring a bell? €14,00

T-Shirt (black): I do not like APA style et al. €14,00

T-shirt (black): I' m a psychology student! (Insert money for diagnosis) €14,00

T-shirt (black): I' m not crazy! My other personality told me so. €14,00

Hoodie (black): Labyrint of niks... €19,99

Sweatpants (gray) €20,01

Towel (black): Labyrint droog (red lettering) €15,00

Towel (white): Labyrint droog (red lettering) €15,00

Tie (burgundy & white) with Labyrint logo €12,51

Powerbank with Labyrint logo €10,50


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Gemiva SVG Groep

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