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Ending your membership and conditions

Your membership will not automatically end when you graduate from the university!

How to end you Labyrint membership?

  • Write a letter, containing your name, student number and that you want to end your membership or fill out our online deregistration form
  • Put your autograph below.
  • Make sure to include your Labyrint membership card. If you have lost your card in any way, please write that down in your letter!
  • Send the letter to Labyrint before August 1st (Wassenaarseweg 52 kamer SA55, 2333 AK in Leiden).

Members who want to end their membership after the deadline on August 1st will have to pay an extra year of membership fee (€15,-).

When you have sent your membership card, it will not be possible for you to visit Labyrint activities as a member. Also it will not be possible to buy books in our bookshop. So make sure to send your card at the end of the study year (but before August 1st) if you want to use our facilities as a member.

If you have paid cash for your membership, this means you have a temporary membership. Your membership will end automatically one year, or half a year after the registration. You will recognise this card on it's expiration date and the lack of a picture. Also these cards are handwritten.



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