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Parents' Day

The tickets are sold out! If you have any questions send an email to

Have you been wanting to show your parents, guardians, siblings or grandparents what your university life looks like? This is your chance! On Saturday the 9th of February, the Introduction committee of Labyrint will be organising their yearly Parent’s’ Day with the theme ‘Big fish, little pond’. To start the day off right, we would like to give you all a warm welcome with a cup of coffee or tea. After this, Jop Groeneweg will be giving an introductory lecture on the theme ‘big fish, little pond’, followed by a tour of the faculty. The committee market will give you and your family more insight in our great study association Labyrint and you will be treated with a delicious lunch break. Of course, short workgroups on Interpersonal Professional Skills (IBS) and SPSS will also be provided to immerse your family in the life of a psychology student. Finally, we will end the day with some drinks and conversation about the impressions that were made. Do you want your family to finally understand what you’re talking about when telling them about your studies? Do not hesitate and register via this link. Registration is possible untill 20 January. Tickets are sold for €10,00 per person.



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