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12:00-12:45 Round 2

Maartje Schoorl - Mental Health Care (Dutch)

Post-master trajectories: the holy grail or just another option? 
Many students choose psychology or education or child studies because they have a profound ambition to work as a therapist in mental health care after graduation. Before or sometimes during the master, they find out that there are several trajectories to this goal. However, there is also a narrowing of possibilities, since the pathways to the post-master education are quite enduring. In this lecture, Maartje Schoorl will explain these pathways from her experiences as internship coordinator Clinical Psychology and as a professional working in mental health care. Both procedural aspects as well as choices and considerations will be discussed. Furthermore, she will elaborate on other career possibilities and reflect on her own career as a Clinical Psychologist and researcher. This lecture is in Dutch!


Serge Walvoort - Addiction Psychology (English)

Dr. Serge Walvoort is registered as a certified clinical neuropsychologist. Presently, he works at the Center of Excellence for Korsakoff and alcohol-related cognitive disorders of Vincent van Gogh Institute for Psychiatry in Venray. His activities include patient care, clinical research, education, and from 2015, as head of the department. In addition, since 2014 he is responsible for the clinical neuropsychology residency at Huize Padua, GGZ Oost-Brabant in Boekel. 

Chronic alcohol consumption can lead to cognitive disorders and a greatly reduced insight into one's own problems, which can influence the outcomes of self-evaluation questionnaires. Dr. Serge Walvoort studied cognition and illness insight in alcohol-related cognitive disorders. In this lecture, he will further explain his research. Thereby, the effects of alcohol withdrawal and alcohol abstinence, the effects of underlying cognitive dysfunction and impaired illness-insight, and clinical implications on the clinical picture will be discussed.


Vivian Chiona - Expat Counseling (English)

Vivian Chiona is the founder and director of Expat Nest, a professional online counselling to expats and their families in several languages. An expat is a person temporarily or permanently residing in a country other than their native country. As a bicultural, multilingual expat with family all over the world, Vivian is familiar with the blessings and challenges of a mobile life. As a professional psychologist with a Master's degree in both Child & Adolescent Psychology and Health Psychology, Vivian will be speaking about how is it to work as psychologist for the international community in Holland. In the context of diversity and mobility, she will describe about her current work as a counsellor and director, how she come up with the innovative idea of Expat Nest years ago and discuss options for students after the studies at Leiden University.



Dick de Waard - Traffic Psychology and Sustained Mobility (English)

Have you ever wondered how we can assess in a scientific way what the effects are of sending text messages while cycling or driving? Do you want to know how we can extent mobility for people with mild cognitive impairments? Do you believe a humorous campaign is the best way to make traffic behaviour safer? If you're interested in these kind of questions, then you're interested in the topics that we deal with in Traffic Psychology!

In this talk Professor Dick de Waard, specialized in Traffic Psychology and Sustained Mobility, will give an overview of the broad area of subjects that he studies, ranging from effects of drugs on driving to cycling with visual impairments, and the instruments that are used for studying these effects. He also will make clear that there is a need in society for psychologists with a training in this field. Dick de Waard studied Experimental Psychology at the University of Groningen. After his graduation in 1989 he started to work at the Traffic Research Centre, and up to today he is still active in this area. His thesis was on the measurement of drivers’ mental workload, a topic that still has his interest. Apart from that, he is active in the areas of automation, ergonomics, mobility, psychophysiology and cycling.


Jeffrey Durieux - Methodological and Statistical Psychology (English)

Why pursue a career in methodology and statistics?
As a PhD candidate at the Methodology and Statistics Unit of the Institute of Psychology, Jeffrey Durieux his main research focuses on the development of novel data-driven algorithms and data analytic techniques for psychological research. In particular, his current research involves the development of a data analysis method that automatically ‘cluster’ or group patients (e.g., Alzheimer patients) into subgroups based on functional brain scans. These – perhaps previously unknown –  subgroups could instigate further research into the etiology and development of neurodegenerative diseases. Another research interest is the development of easy-to-use statistical software that enables psychological researchers to tackle novel and complex problems. 

In his presentation, he will give you more background about the field of methodology and statistics for psychological research. What does it take to work in an academic environment? Are there any pitfalls? Why on earth would anyone ever decide to study methodology and statistics in the first place? What are the job opportunities and career prospects (in both academia and the industry) for students that decide to specialize in data analysis? (Spoiler alert: excellent career prospects).


Career Services - Workshop LinkedIn (English)

The workshop LinkedIn will be given by the Career Services of the Faculty. They offer support if you have questions about your career, your personal profile, the job market and job applications. This workshop is meant for students who wish to prepare for networking. Presenting yourself in a clear and effective way is an essential part of your job search. In this workshop you will get a clear(er) view on how to present your knowledge, skills and values on your LinkedIn profile. An important part of your presentation is a powerful pitch, that can be used for LinkedIn, live contact and your CV. During this workshop, the Career Services will also give some good advice for getting the attention of (future) employers! This workshop will be given twice, in round 1 and round 2.



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