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10:00-10:45 Opening


Marlijn Janson - Music Psychology (English)

Unfortunately, Artur Jaschke will not be the opening lecturer of the congress anymore due to extraordinary and unforeseen circumstances. Music Psychology is an interesting field, but there are not a lot of specialists within this field. Therefore, we are extremely happy to announce that the opening lecturer is still an expert in Music Psychology! 

Marlijn Janson studied Pedagogical Sciences at the University of Amsterdam. After finishing her Bachelor, she obtained her Master’s degree at the Vrije Universiteit van Amsterdam in a Research Master Cognitive Neuropsychology. She started as a research assistant on the topic “The effect of music education on cognition”. After that she became a Junior Researcher. Her focus was music education and the brain. She also worked as a study group coordinator in Methodology and as a lecturer in Methodology and Statistics. Right now she’s a Junior Researcher in Clinical Neuropsychology. She is doing a lot of literature research in music training, neuroplasticity, neuropsychological functioning in development, and preparing a large-scale research project in this area. The theme of the opening lecture will be “Music Psychology and the Brain”. We would love to see you all. Believe us, you don’t want to miss this lecture! 



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