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Labyrint Formal

The Labyrint formal will take place on wednesday the 25th of April at Visbrasserie de Poort! We're diving into the fairytale theme to make this a magical night you won't forget. For 25 euros, you will be enjoying a band that comes to play live just for us! When the band has tickled your dancing vibes, we have a DJ to finish off the evening. If that isn't enough to convince you, you will have free beer/wine/soda the entire night! So on the night itself, you won't have anything to worry about and are free to experience the formal in the best way possible!

If you want to bring a date, you can buy a ticket +1. Make sure you leave your names and we will make sure you have a magical night! 

You can get your tickets here! 

Are you not a member of Labyrint, but do you still want to join us on our Formal? Then follow this link and buy your ticket here!



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