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On the 22nd of February the Alumni Committee will organize the second activity of the year. It will be an interesting workshop on mindfulness in room 1A27 at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. The workshop will be given by Saake Buwalda. He is, together with his sister, the founder of the Bureau for Mindfulness. They have experienced that mindfulness is very useful for people who are in the age category of 18-35 years old. A lot of things are changing in this stage of life, for example in work, study, where you live and in relationships. Mindfulness is a good tool to handle these changes. Mindfulness is the awareness of your own physical experiences, feelings and thoughts. It comes down to learning to live more consciously and to deal with stress, thoughts and emotions differently. This is done through training, sometimes meditation and through certain attention exercises. Saake studied Work and Organizational Psychology and Eastern Philosophy in Amsterdam and is now a trainer.

You are welcome at 06:30 pm and the workshop will start at 07:00 pm. Afterwards you are welcome for a drink in room 1A27.

You can buy your ticket online here.



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