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Closing Lecture (15:30 – 16:45)

Happy aging: Bertie Hendriks (English)

Bertie Hendriks will take you, by means of words, images and music, on a journey through the seven stages of life: birth, childhood, youth, adulthood, old age, death and the ‘Empty Space’. In each life stage you will find reflections of your motives, desires and challenges. And in each stage forces awaken, and problems and presents are given. Young or old, it is never too late to embrace the wisdom of the stages of life. On the basis of issues that occur in the different stages of life Bertie tells you about the adventure to be a conscious student of life. Bertie Hendriks is a physicist, teacher and a free thinker. The last 30 years he has been helping people with questions about life. In 2013 he wrote ‘Dagboek van de Ziel, over de zeven levensfasen’ (Diary of the Soul, about the seven stages of life). He is co-director of the Institute for Integral Applied Psychology, school for life and work. Buy your tickets for this lecture here!



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