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Round 2: Adulthood (12:15 – 13:15)

Consumer Psychology: Naomí Muñoz Vilches (English)

Naomí Muñoz Vilches is PhD candidate in the Marketing and Consumer Behaviour group at Wageningen University. She knows a lot about the role of imagination in food consumption and marketing. In the journey of life we receive different stimuli (information) that make us who we are, perceive what we perceive, and decide how we decide. A set of stimuli creates an experience that is evaluated by our brain (based in past experiences) and stored in our memory to use them for subsequent experiences and evaluations. This talk will focus on a particular mechanism we use in our daily life to evaluate products, experiences, people, and for decision-making, this mechanism is “the imagination”. Naomí is going to explain how we can use imagination in the food context, to improve our decision-making towards healthier products and how, from a marketing perspective, products should be promoted to improve their image. Buy your tickets for this lecture here!


Addiction: Leroy Snippe (English)

Leroy Snippe is psychologist and researcher. He works as a therapist at Rodersana, a recognized addiction care institution. He works three days a week as a therapist and the other two days he participates in a research about innovative treatments for a gambling addiction.  In this lecture, Leroy will tell you how addiction developes through life and what it is like to have an addiction. In doing so, he will share his experience as a therapist and how he sees future treatments for addictions. 
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