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Opening Lecture (09:45 – 10:45)

Personality Disorders: Arjan Videler (English)

Arjan Videler is a psychotherapist, health psychologist and scientific researcher on personality disorders. There is increasing interest in personality disorders as life span disorders. Personality disorders develop and change throughout the life span, in interaction with biological, psychological and social events. The symptoms wax and wane, although personality disorders predict a range of negative outcomes across the life span. Despite of this, there still exists major resistance to diagnose BPD in children and adolescents. Contrary to what many think, there are indications for a growing prevalence of personality disorders in old age. It is even possible that contextual changes exacerbate symptoms in a way that a late onset personality disorder emerges. A life span perspective calls for another view on diagnosis and treatment of personality disorders, from the therapeutic nihilism of the twentieth century, via the current therapeutic optimism towards a more nuanced and realistic model of clinical staging and health management.
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